Hello, I'm seldom here because I've been so ill...

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    I miss talking to everyone and I hope everyone is doing okay or as well as can be expected. I had a lot going on ... again lol, seems to be the normal for me.

    It looks like I have Sjogren's Syndrome and some sort of arthritis on top of the fibromyalgia, I am not feeling well at all and in a lot of pain. So naturally I'm whiny. Does anyone else have these three combo? Just wondering. I'll be seeing a Fheumotologist but not until Janurary.

    Also, my laywer said that my disibility is in a que and awaiting a hearing... is this a good thing? I am so nervous. I've been turned down twice and waiting for over 2 years. Has anyone else been though this?

    Thanks so much for any help,

    kjfms -- Karen :)
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    I'd wager Grape Seed Ex would be beneficial in that area too, this antioxidants helps so many body systems. Don't know if you ever jumped on it Karen. It's really saving me big time.

    I just googled NAC drops and Sjorgens and found a lot of info on this supplement. I talked about it a lot recently for major eye issues like cataracts and glaucoma and see a lot of info for it on Sjorgens.

    Mikie went thru a series of peptides and talked about her Sjorgens issue and talked about being cured.

    Sorry to hear you're having such a tough time....the last couple yrs have been hard for me since hip replacement misery and complications..... jam
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    Astaxanthin and Lutein are noted for Sjorgens.

    I'm helping a friend who has just been dx'd with macular degeneration (dry type) and just bought her both of these supps which are indicated for macular as well as Sjorgens as I did a search. This friend takes grape seed ex now for over 3 yrs and she loves what it does for her, so I also suggested she up her dosing of grape seed daily....she's doing that. She's 91 and never took eye health supps all her life.

    grapeseed ex is recommended for eye health issues.
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    Thank you, I actually didn't even notice the funny typo for quite a while lol ;)

    With the new criteria on fibromyalgia, I do not have it since i have other disease which cause pain. According to the Board of Rhematology you must have FM pain and no other pain... ie... Thyroid, osteoarthritis, RA, Sjogren's... etc It must be FM pain alone, along with 11 of the tender points. Personally I think this is good. Fibromyalgia has been the 'go to' diagnoses for too many years now.

    Feel better and best of luck :)
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    Do you know what Sjogren's is? It's the drying of all mucous membranes and eventually can go on to internal body systems. No I have tried GS and I will not for this unless my physician tells me to... but thanks.

    How interesting, there is NO cure for Sjogren's.

    Hey you had a hip replacement... that is wonderful!! Good for you!
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    Naturally the symptoms can be treated so we'll see how it goes. Thanks for the well wishes.

    What was the complication with you hip replacement? I hope you've healed.
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    it was not a breeze, many are not.

    But 2 yrs out the hip area is FINALLY starting to feel more normal.

    But back issues are worse and acupuncture is helping....the surgery can do a domino effect and cause many other problems....body is out of alignment, leg shorter, etc......and surgery is a huge trauma anyway.