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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lolee, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. lolee

    lolee New Member

    I know it's been quite some time since I've been around! I've so darn busy, but you know how it goes, life happens!!

    I had been so sick that by May I could barely function. I was stressed out at worked and home and the only energy I DID have went in to spiritual warefare. Literally, all my spare time went in to prayer prayer prayer bible study bible study bible study. I couls barely walk, barely talk - I was in intense pain, larengytis(sp?), etc.

    I had been through four caudel epidurals and had the first of two lumbar spinal radio frquency lesionings (where there zap your spinal nerves with electricity hoping to "kill" them off for awhile so that the pain will stop).

    So anyway, I come home from work on friday May 5th to a not, the boy friend is gone. okay. then on friday May 12th (which by the way was my 44th birthday) my boss comes in my office ans fires me. No reason "employment is at will". He didn't want to, but the corp office 'don't like sick people'.

    But the amazing part is I've never felt better! They think they screwed me but they all were just part of a great master plan of God, and I have known this since day one. I made pretty good money so my unemployment is pretty good, I sold almost everything I had, and my son asked my to come live with him and my daughter in law (whom I ADORE) and my 4 month old grandson in Maryland!

    "Mom, it's time you let us help you for a change" So they fixed up a room for me - fresh paint new hardwood floors and I leave on Sunday! the Trailer is packed and the critters and I are driving across the continent! I expect this journey shall be like my own personal outward bound!

    I AM SO EXCITED! God works in mysterious ways!

    So anyway, THAT'S why I haven't been around, but I will read up on what's been happening, so many new names!! Which is great to see!

    Love to all,

  2. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    It's great that your son wants you to come...I expect you'll be a big help with that new grandson! Have a safe trip, take your time and keep praying. You never know what God has in store for you. Terri
  3. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Ask and ye shall receive! Well, this is good news and yes we did miss you here.

    Good luck and hope all goes well in Maryland-watch the heat!!!

    Love Anne Cromwell
  4. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    what a great plan! I wish you a wonderful trip.

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