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    Wanted to to see if thing are going well with both of you. As of now things are going well here. My son just came home Wed. night so they have just left Ky to come home.

    We haven't had Christmas together yet. They probably will only stay until Sat afternoon. They always go to church on Sundays all the time. Am getting ready to cook for them & to make them some candy.

    Hope all is well with both of your familys. Our weather has been really cold for the last wk. we had about 4ins of snow but it is warming up some today & is supposed to be near the 60s by Mon.

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    Nice to see your post, Shirley. I hope you've had a good time with family. What kind of candy did you make? I've made some microwave caramel corn a few times lately, and everybody wolfs it down. It's good!

    My granddaughter in AK is having her 4th birthday party today. A couple of months ago, she invited me to her party.....I guess she called it her "unicorn birthday party!" I wish I could take out a magic wand and fly up there today, but I've got a recital to play for, so I couldn't anyway. But she was so cute when she asked me to come.

    LInda- my son hasn't found a job yet and more and more my husband is talking Air Force. My son has recovered enough now from his fatigue that I think he could handle it- I just would rather he found a job here and didn't have to leave. I'm still praying he'll find a job soon. Unfortunately, he isn't very motivated- he loves staying home and playing video games- so the military would help him grow up.

    Well, I've written a long letter-
    Take care, both of you!
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    Linda- don't give up on becoming a grandma.....miracles do happen! How is your son feeling?

    The recital went quite well on Saturday. I had some hard pieces to learn quickly but I kept my head and they went well. Sometimes the hardest thing about performing is keeping your focus....it's so easy to think about who is out in the audience, do I look OK, etc., etc. And then mistakes happen. But I was happy with it and went to bed early that night!

    Hey Shirley- I'm still wondering what kind of candy you made for the kids.....would you share the recipe?

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    Just checking tonight before going to bed.

    Glad both of your famlies are doing well. I guess we've had enough Christmas here. My grand-children between Ky & Va have had Christmas 5 times. It was great to see my boy's & family spending time together again. My son & family went back Sat evening they always go to church & won't hardly miss.

    They all came to my house Friday night. My oldest son & his girlfriend. My second son, wife, & of course my grand-kids. We had a good visit. It was a little strange for my grand-children. They only knew my oldest son's ex-wife as their aunt----but they took a liking----as we say in Va---to his girlfriend. My grand-daughter asked me one time why i had taken my son's picture with his ex-wife from my living room---so we explain what had happened. I never thought they would even notice it was gone. I love pictures of my family. My oldest son brought my husband & me one of the picture frames the shows slides of picture & it's great.

    Terri: my son got---he called it frost nip---on his legs this time. It was so cold they had to spend some days inside & not working. I pray your son finds a job. Like Moms do--- we want our children as close to home as possible. Just wondering if you son-in-law is in the armed forces---you don't have to tell me i was just wondering.

    My husband is a Viet Nam Vet my brother was there in the Marines my oldest brother is a Navy Vet. A lot of my family was in the armed forces.

    Linda: I saw on the news today that there was high waters in AZ. Was it near you? It was so cold last week here today it was back in the 60s today. I hope all is well with your Mom. I'm going to see my this week-in---if the weather is good. I know she's feeling better she called me today & told me to bring her some make up.

    Enough going on & on. Good Night

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    My granddaughter had her 4th birthday this week...I couldn't attend, but we talked on the phone. We sent her "Yertle the Turtle" and a Barbie doll....a princess one. I guess she had a battle of wills with her mom yesterday. Granddaughter asked for a piece of orange, then wouldn't eat it, so her mom (my daughter) said to sit until she would eat it. Stubbornness made her sit there over an hour, just talking to herself and NOT eating the orange. Finally, my daughter had had enough and said she would be returning granddaughter's video to the video store since she was not eating her orange. The orange was gone in two seconds! My daughter said she was acting that way because she got a little spoiled on her birthday! I thought it was a funny story. Really, my granddaughter is treated very well- she just needed some discipline yesterday.

    Well, I've jabbered long enough!
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    Thought i would say hello while i'm taking a time out.

    We had a winter storm last night. About 3" of snow, sleet & rain it's 39 now so it's melting a little. It's 3pm now so i guess this is as good as it gets today.

    I hope both of you are having a good day i'ts been a little blue for me today. My FM likes to get me down some times. I want to go see my son this week-in before he goes back Monday but it's supposed to be bad weather.

    Terri, i know you miss your daughter & family. It's always a blessing to hear from them---but it's wonderful to get those hugs & kisses.

    Linda,hope all is well wth you. Send some of that good heat. I used to tell my husband i wanted to go to Az for retirement. But i guess thats just a dream. My husband uncle lived in Masa AZ until he passed away--he lived there for his health.


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    We're off to Seattle today to take my MIL to the airport.....she has a long day ahead of her, and I pray the trip will be safe. Could you both say a quick prayer for her as well? Thanks, friends.

    My son is still looking for work....it's slow this time of year. Last year at this time, it took him 4 months to get work. I hope it doesn't take that long this time. He's thinking about learning medical transcription....we'll see.

    Take care, both of you, and have a good weekend.
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    Will pray you have a safe trip to the airport and back & that you MIL has a safe trip home.

    I pray your son can fine work soon.

    My son leaves Monday he flys thru the Seattle airport when he travels. Want to go see him this week-in but the weather is not looking good.

    Linda, good morning to you. Hope your are having a good day. I'm behind this week. I haven't felt to good this week. I'm trying to clean house today ---can't get in the moon---so i decided to say hello just to relax a little. Got to get busy---HAVE A GOOD DAY.

    Blessings form Va~~~~~~Shirley
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    Mother made it home in fine form and is happy and lonely at the same time....she likes having people to talk to. I'm glad her trip was uneventful.

    We're having today off of school due to MLK day....I run on the public school schedule even though we homeschool. Once in a great while we might have a day off because of a trip, but not often. The boys are doing well in their schoolwork.

    My mom and dad are doing OK. My dad is still mostly wheelchair bound, but his feet are improving. They are looking into some home care to help Mom with all the wrapping she has to do. It's a full hour every morning, and it hurts her back to lean over and do it all. I hope she gets some help soon.

    Stay warm,
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    Just checking in.

    Hope all is well with both of you. It has been so icy & cold here. One morning it was 8 the next it was 7. We are suppose to get more snow tomorrow. I guess i shouldn't complain i know it's colder & worse in other states.When it's cold i think about my son in Alaska.

    I was reading some of the posts lately & it's makes me afraid to post much. Because of the post i read. I only post to you two now.

    My FM these days is bad. I went to the Dr. today & got my B-12 shot it helps for a little while.

    Terri hope your family is all well & your son finds a wonderful job soon.

    Linda good evening to you hope you are feeling better.

    Sister is doing well still in Rehab. Just have to tell you this--grandson called me Sunday night on his way home from church---he was so excited---he said they prayed for him at church he said Nan i am healed---that he feels so much.
    I have faith--i just wish i could have a child like faith again.


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    Shirley- I hope he truly is healed.....he's too young to have to go through that pain. I hope he can lead a more normal life.

    Linda- how are you feeling? I know you've had it rough now for a few weeks- take good care of yourself.

    It has been cold here too....yesterday the temp was zero in the morning. I thought I was back in Alaska!