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    Hello again

    yes you can get 12-more trigger injections,because i`m

    getting them ,i feel good for at least 3wks sometimes 5

    wks at a time but then the pain comes back i have fms/cfs.

    and lower back bulging dics. my Dr. is a pain magement he`s

    wonderful very understanding and has lots of patience with

    you ,,but i have notice that i`m gaining lots of weight

    since i`ve been getting this injections i`m due for more

    shots Mar.9th so i`m going to ask him of this problem

    see what he says and i`ll let you know and thank you for

    your reply,,right now girl,,i wish you could see my ankles

    there so swollen looks like i have a big donut around my

    ankles and my legs are killing me,,the Dr. had told me that

    he i had a sciatica nerve on my lower back and was

    affecting my legs ,but why are they swelling so bad?

    did your legs swell or calves and ankles get like that?

    ok got to go can`t stand this pain ,keep in touch,,gmom,,

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    THanks for getting back to me about this! Really do appreciate it! I'm definitely gong to have to look for a doc that will do those kind of trigger points, so I can get a lot. It sounds like it would help!

    About the swollen ankles, no, I have never had them from back pain. And I haven't heard of anyone who does. I think you should see your regular doctor for this. It could be something more seriuos....it can signal congestive heart disease or kidney disease. I don't mean to scare you, but go as soon as you can and check that out.

    The only time I had a swollen ankle was from knee surgery (one ankle only)and the foot was also swollen....this was normal because of the fluid going down or smothing like that. Anyway, I put my whole foot in a bucket of ice water 2 or 3 times a day, and that did the trick. BTW: My knee surgery was very succesful, so don't ever be afraid of that one should you ever need it. Back surgery is more seriuos, and I am afraid of that. Of course, I would have done it, but my doc never said I needed it.

    My biggest problem is the FMS!!! Dratted disease!! It causes me more pain than anything else. Well, I guess we are all that way.

    Please go right away and check on those swollen ankles. Go to an Internal med doc or regular GP, then they will direct you to the right ones if you need it. THe Pain docs do not treat this. And you do not want to take a chance with your heart.

    Hope you are better soon!

  3. gmom605

    gmom605 New Member

    Thank you ,,Marw!! for your reply!!!!!


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