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    i am new to this board and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia this past summer.

    i went thru the same waiting game as you are now...did you have a bone scan? have you been tested for lymes disease?

    i have been taking tramadol for pain but i can't say the results have been significant. i should ask the doctor for something else. do you have any side effects from your med?
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    Hi Kim --

    Sorry I didn't reply sooner -- missed your post.

    I'm having a bone scan on my skull in the near future -- waiting for insurance approval at the moment. No, haven't been tested for Lymes yet, but it is probably worth doing. Also waiting for an MRI on my brain to rule out MS, tumors, all that.

    I don't get a lot of side effects from drugs in general, thankfully. So far so good on the Effexor -- a little jittery and less appetite than usual (not a bad thing, given that I've gained a lot of weight this year! Seem to be losing some now.) Overall, I feel a lot better, even though the pain hasn't changed -- at least not yet. Biggest change I've noticed is that I am sleeping much better, and have a lot more energy. I'm also not getting panic symptoms, which I was before.

    As for Vicodin, the only side effects I get are dry mouth and constipation. I can live with those. Vicodin doesn't even make me drowsy, usually -- I can't really tell that I've taken it, except that the pain decreases. Some folks get really spacy from taking it, or nausea -- doesn't do that to me.

    Thanks for the reply, and nice to meet you!