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    Yes I do love OLE...I wish others would try it also!!!! I am so glad that you have benefited from it also. I take 600 mg a day. You can take Oil of oregano and OLE alternating every month between the two of them. This will keep you from building up a tolerence to either one. Please try the massages and sweating procedures I suggested in my earlier post...they really work !!!! I have ordered some quai and I will start taking it as soon as it arrives in the mail. I will also alternate while taking this...OLE for a month...then take guai for a month or two them take Oregano for a month ...then back to the OLE. Have you ever taken any antivirals? I am thinking about asking my doc for famvir. I figure it is worth a try cause I am thinking viruses have snuck into our bodies as well...LOL. Please keep me up to date on your progress and I wish many good things for you in the future....keep up the fight...we can beat this thing !!!!!!!!! Love Hippen
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    Yea, I have been thinking along the lines of needing an antiviral, too..Many people on this board are trying out various ones, right now..Famvir sounds like the best option, so far..

    I supplement with Oregano Oil, especially, when I was relapsing when I went off the OLE...however, I prefer the OLE so much more than the Oregano Oil..but maybe, because I haven't tried the capsule form..is that what you take? I have just used the oil in diluted form to keep sinus passages open..

    Which symptoms have improved the most for you with the OLE?
    We have two articles posted on this board by PatPalmer that you might want to read...and there is a group of us that really have benefited from OLE...

    Ya know, I used to go to a spa, where I would sit in the dryheat sauna, and sweated out tons of stuff..and I did feel better, afterwards..wish I still had a membership, but I stopped, and then, we moved...

    The people, that are taking the GUAI, indicate that OLE could block the quai, so I have not even considered taking it..as I don't want to go off the OLE, since it is so effective..

    Wish you much success, too, and see ya around..
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