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    First I am glad to be here...my pain management doc says I have FMS, but also CMP, with a dessicated disc, three herniations in the cervical spine, and a hemagioma(blood mass tumor) in the T-8 area.
    I have been on the duragesic with oxycodone for breakthrough pain, but due to personality changes, I took myself off of it, and just use the oxycodone. A friend gave me an oxycontin, and it worked wonders....now tomorrow I have an appt with the PM doc, and I wonder how to approach him with what works. I am armed with Fibro webistes that show oxycontin as being a good pain reliever for fibro, but I don't want to tell the doc that I have actually tried it...
    He also doesn't know I quit the patch....but I plan to tell him, along with the info regarding clinical trials for artifical discs...I just want humane treatment, but don't want to be dismissed by him because of me altering my pain medications. He was out of town for two weeks, with his sick mother(who died while he was there) My pain has become exacerbated by me having to put my Dad into hospice....
    Your thoughts?
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    I certainly wouldn't be telling the Doctor you've been taking (illegally) someone elses prescription.

    Do you know this doctor well enough to be presenting him with research information you've found? The reason I asked is, I did just that to my General Practitioner...lets just say, he put it in the trash right in front of me!

    He has just been through a very diffulcult time as are you and perhaps if, you approach him from the point offering him your sympathy for the loss of his mother and then explain your very stressful situation and how the stress you are under now is really causeing you more pain and discomfort. He may relate even better as you ask him what he thinks may help.

    Then maybe let him know you've been doing some research while he's been away and ask him what he thinks about what you have found. I wouldn't tell him what you want.

    Oxycotin is on the front page every where and doctors are really reluctant to prescribe it for many reasons such as being very addictive and expensive. Most doctors just to cover their butt from lawsuits.

    Hope some of this might help. You've got a very messed up back/spine and I can certainly relate to that. I hope you can get some relief soon.

    By-the-way, Welcome to the Boards!!!

    All the Best!