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    Hello – I’m new to the board. Well actually I’ve been lurking and reading back posts but have never actually posted. I’ve learned a lot more about FM from eveyrone’s posts. I was recently diagnosed with FM (early 2003) after having every test that my doctor could up with but they all came back negative. She thankfully does believe FM is a real condition and has been so great trying to treat me. Along with the FM I also suffer from an ongoing ankle/leg problem from a car accident some 20+ years ago. A little background on me before I get your opinion….

    I seem to have all the classic symptoms of FM plus some of the things I’ve read about lately that you guys have wondered about – had the tonsils out at a young age, was always sick when I was young (and still miss a ton of work - surprised I haven’t been fired yet). Had a severe case of mono at about age 10 which required hospitalization for approximately 2 weeks. Female problems since I can remember which resulted in various operations for endometriosis which ultimately led to a hysterectomy. I had a car accident when I was 16 that crushed my ankle (along with other major problems) and that had to be rebuilt. Since then I’ve had 3 surgeries just on the ankle it self. The last 2 being fusions and the since the last fusion 1.5 years ago I just have not gotten better.

    I have a full time job but am currently on STD due to 1) having somewhat of a nervous breakdown at the end of May, 2) problems again with my leg/foot which has been diagnosed as a stress fracture from just every day walking (they say I will have these the rest of my life) and 3) the FM.

    I’ve been to 2 orthopedic drs for the recent foot/leg problems, have been in physical therapy also for those problems during the month of June. Tomorrow I start my counseling sessions (an agreement I made to continue on STD) and next week will be my 1st appointment with a rheumatologist. Before starting on this leave I was having a terrible time coping with my job - I do clerical work but it is not just typing. There is a lot of stress, walking up and down stairs, moving between buildings etc. I have it in my medical files that I’m not to do any walking but of course that is ignored and because I look fine they also ignore the fact that I have FM. I am not sure how much longer my STD will hold out and I have anxiety attacks just thinking about going back to that place (it’s horrible to work at and everyone thinks so!). My question I guess is do I stand even a slim change of getting disability if I were to apply for it. I am on all kinds of medications, cannot sit for long, definitely cannot stand or be on my feet for any length of time, and am constantly tired and totally frustrated.

    I am thankful to have found this board as I realize I am not alone in this saturation and wish everyone the best of luck. Thanks for listening. And I’m sorry that this is so long.

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    Your story is similar to mine...even the ankle. I applied for SSDI this May and I was told by SSDI that I should know in a week or two. I have been with my doctor for 12-14 years now and my records, tests, x-rays and MRI's tell the tale. I also have a very bad back with multiple traumas and defects. I will post when I know the SSDI outcome.

    Keep posting, there is ample support here...

    Take care,
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    In my humble opinion, I think you should quality for disability. Speaking from personal experience, I wouldn't wait any longer. Just fill out the paper work to get the wheels in motion. Don't get discouraged. It is a waiting game sometimes. If you get rejected, just re-apply. Don't let the system intimidate you. Keep in contact with the members of this board. We are all here to help. This is a good place. Maybe someone else will have some advice for you too. Good luck, Scrapkat from another cat,
    Granmakitty (lol)
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    Hi Scrapkat, welcome to the board. You sure have a plate full to deal with.

    Sorry you have so many medical problems. The FM is bad enough without all those other medical problems.

    Good to hear you have a doctor that is willing to work with you, and learn what she can to help you.

    Many people here did get their disability, just put 'SSDI' in the 'Search' messages and you will get a lot of information from the backlog on the board.

    Again, welcome to the board, and hope we hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS. If you don't mind, would you please read the 'Messageboard Rules' on the top left side of the screen printed in blue?
    It is a great help to new members to know what is allowed and not allowed on this site. Thank you.