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    I am new to the forums. I realize that a lot of us are unable to contribute to these forums, but I certainly appreciate the efforts by the many posters who have used what little energy they have to contribute their thoughts and advice. Thank you.

    Summary. Typed in no particular order:

    About me:
    I am 35 years old. Male. Single. I was diagnosed by Dr. Lapp, in November of 1996. I was hit with CFS on October 1st, 1994 – 8:35 PM.

    Common symptoms:
    Chest pain
    Tilt table test
    Fevers, at times
    Head pain – mostly on the right side
    Extreme dizziness
    New panic attacks – doctors love this – “you have a psychological problem”
    Odd skin problems
    Hair loss – however, this may not be due to CFS
    Tremors/shakiness upon waking and sometimes before bed
    Lack of balance – sometimes triggers panic attack symptoms
    Driving is an extreme problem – similar to lack of balance

    Neurontin 300mg x 1 at 8pm
    Konopin - .5 mg x 3 day
    Doxepin – 10 mg x 1 at 8 pm

    Switching doctor after doctor but have settled with a doctor for the last year. Unfortunately, CFS does not come up in conversation. Just med re-fills. Also, noticed a “lump” (small) near the back of my lower ribcage and she said it was a “rib”. Knowing that was wrong, I kept an eye on it and made sure that the size did not grow. Recently, I visited the doctor so that she could look at it again, due to pain in that area. My doctor was not in so I got to see someone else . . . a doctor whom I have never seen. She confirmed that it was a “lump”, “marble-sized or so”, near the ribcage. I asked her twice if there was any chance that it was my rib or if I imagined it – she looked at me oddly and said, “no”. The question to her was not out of sarcasm but I could see how someone reading this could construe it that way. I am seeing a different doctor in a “clinic” – due to lack of insurance and finances - on Jan. 7th to have it “looked at”. I’ll report back. Currently, it is not causing an abnormal amount of pain, but will bother me once in a while.

    Making music now – unable to work but I am able to form melodies and rhythms still. Yes, it is exhausting so I just try to do it by instinct. One song on my new CD (all instrumental) is being written with CFS in mind. Currently, it is over 23 minutes long and what I would call “soothing”. I hope others with this condition will find it soothing as well.
    Samples – www.sidereus.com

    Psychologist – seems to help, comfort. Ironically, her best friend has CFS but she has not spoken with her in a while, to my knowledge. I did a few months ago and referred her to dr. lapp. She tried a place in Arizona. Not sure of all of the details but they did QEEG brain-mapping.

    Medically speaking, of immediate concern would be the bizarre chest pains. I had several EKGs, nothing has shown to be irregular. I had a stress test – normal. With the pains come extreme dizziness. These are not mutually exclusive but tend to come together.

    Play racquetball. How? That is a great question. I used to be extremely athletic. When I see that I am feeling “okay”, I try to play. Within 5 minutes, I am virtually rendered useless.

    If I take a nap, upon awakening, I will have an ever-increasing headache and cold chills that lasts throughout the day.

    When I take a deep breath, I feel very light-headed and have cold chills. This become very apparent whilst trying yoga. Ironic.

    I’ll post more as I can. Hope everyone has a happy New Year.

    Best wishes,


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    Welcome to the message boards... I am fairly new myself. As I was reading your post I thought, " Gee this person's a mess!! " then I came to realize that if I wrote down my specific problems, I would sound just as bad if not worse !!!. I am so sick and tired of answering the question of how do you feel today?? I'm sure you can relate, or perhaps this illness is far worse for males because of the myth that you should be strong and shake it off etc... I don't know what is worse that or being thought of as an hysterical woman. As you see I have no answers for you, it just helps to know your not alone with this disease , and there are others who know what your going through !!!
    Good Luck and Blessings for the new year...
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    Whenever someone asks how I feel, I answer "Just Supper" that relieves them of having to listen to my aches and pains because no one really wants to hear about them andyway.They will answer back "That is Wonderful" and the
    subject is ended.
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    Hello, I've had FMS for over 12 years and enjoy all the valuable information on this board. I hope you find ideas that are helpful with your treatment as well.
    Best Wishes,