Hello, newbee here and sorry it took so long to find you all

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    I have reviewed a few messages and from what I have read, I think I have found a group that can and will understand. I have had FM now for 5 years but it wasn't diagnosed until this year...took them a long time and way tooooo many tests.
    I am in Ontario (I notice there are a few of us from here)and I am 39 and female and my baby is a yellow beagle/lab who is my life (and who also keeps me walking everyday!).
    I became so upset and frustrated tonight and that's what made me search you all out and I have the feeling that I will be happy that I have done this. I am a very private person and have tried chat rooms and help groups before but found that people soon lost interest in the group and eventually kicked you in the butt :( so I hope and ask that you will all have patience with me while I get used to opening up and such.
    I really have not had much time to really get into FM and what it is all about until now so I am still learning a lot about it. My biggest problem is severe pain where my gall bladder used to be (that's when this all started...when they took that out) but I have noticed things are getting worse in my legs and feet as well as my hands and wrists. I keep reading "don't worry, it will get better" but it sure isn't getting better, it's getting worse. Does this make sense??? I think you get better information from people who have fm than from people who just write about it.

    Well, it's 4AM and I'm not quite all here right now but I will be back to review more and get to know you better.
    Thank you all so much for being here...I feel better knowing you are here.
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    Thanks Doxy,

    Again, I am saying prayers for you and your baby.

    Yes, I am a total and complete dog nut and proud of it lol

    I was going to bed but just kept reading. Although I wish you were all pain free I am so happy to find people who understand what a good day means. I don't have any support here, my only supporter, my mom, died two months ago so what I have left is my dog but she does keep me going and I know that is a good thing.
    I will come back tomorrow and give you all a little more detail on what I have and I have no doubt you will have some good suggestions and ideas.


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    Dogs are a big warm comfort provider here, and you are in my age range. The trouble sound the same as many, learn with me. The biggest help I have foud in Reading, Relate, apply. Shirl & Mikie will keep you in guided paths, trust and share.

    Warm Welcome Hugs,
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    glad that you found this nice place here i see that you get up earley also i live in southern ontario

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    Hi mattie,
    Welcome to a great site where you"ll find lots of love,soft hugs & support.
    So sorry to hear you"re having all that pain my heart goes out to you as I know all to well what it"s like to live with chronic pain every day.
    Ive had Cfs,Fibro,Polymyalgia Rheumatica,Asthma,Multiple allergies etc for 7 years now & I also think i have rheuntaism in my hands,legs,back & shoulders.
    Take care hugs ((((((((((((((( sharon d
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    I am fairly new here as well, but not too new to say wecome aboard. This is the first board I have ever tried.
    I just got in from taking my dog "mookie" to the groomers. She's a little bigger than a chihaha (can't even go there in trying to spell that one think you may know)but she looks like a miniture golden retriever or yellow lab, so I have a 12pd version of your dog (kinda)!! She's 4 1/2 now, I am mommy #2 to her. Mommy #1 found her as small as her hand covered in dirt! I had a bichon frise, but had to find him a bishon frise lover to take him in, since moo-moo has a hard time getting along with others! Some wondered why we kept her instead, but I feel we are the only one's in the whole world that would put up with her and protect her life. But I really miss "Whoofie", if you know the breed you'd understand why. Just a white fluffy ball of comfort and cheerfulness!
    Enough about the dogs! I just turned 40 last month Uhhg. But was diagnosed with fibro and cfs in 1996. Still finding this disease to be understood and properly treated. And it is really frustrating at times, so it's good to find friends, even on the internet that share these common factors.
    hope to hear from you
    kjan9 (karen)