Hello, newly diagnosed with FMS, would like to join you

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Iamme, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. Iamme

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    Hello all. It has been a little over three years since the pain in my fingers/hands/wrists and back got so bad that I went to PCP and was told I had arthritis after such a very very long path and so many consults and nightmarish events I have been told that I have a herniated cervical disc, djd of cervical spine and fibromyalgia. Well I guess I am happy that I am not insane nor do I have some terminal neurological or muscular disease....
    I hope to join you for support and education of how I am going to remake myself to include this DD in my life. SO many things have changed that I will have to come up with a different me....I appreciate all the advise, education, support and understanding that only someone who has the same thing can give...
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    just want to welcome you to hear this is a great place and i hope to see you again
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    Just wanted to give you a warm welcome to this very helpful group. I joined it myself probably 6 months ago and have found a wealth of information and support here. I hope you will as well.

    I too, had suffered with my symptoms for year after year and had numerous diagnostic tests come back normal, even though I knew something serious was wrong. I was finally accurately diagnosed last year, although I figured out myself what I had before the diagnosis. I also suffered degenerative disc disease and actually had back surgery last year to correct it. Now however, after finding out that most of the lower back and leg pain is all due to the fibro, I'm doubting that the back surgery was even necessary. My pain is no better now than it was before, however, my back does "give out" on me more often now. Just a little shared experience in case you have considered surgery for your herniated disc. Be very careful and explore all your other options.

    With that said, once again, welcome and visit here often. It often helps when nothing else will.

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    I appreciate the welcome. Thanks for the info about the surgery because I am debating it right now...There are days that I would have surgery anywhere of anykind if I thought it would help..I think that I can almost tell the difference between when the disc is pinching a nerve and when the fibromyalgia is to blame. But it has been a long trip- I feel like the Dr's expect you to be able to tell them what is wrong- not what is not working correctly. (I hope that makes sense to you...I dont know why my hands and feet go numb and hurt, I just know that they do, etc
    Thanks again everybody, I really NEED your help and support....
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    That's how I felt before my surgery. I would try absolutely anything it took to help get rid of the pain. The doctor felt that my hip and leg pain was due to the disc putting pressure on a large (sciatic) nerve and gave me 70% odds of the surgery alleviating my pain. I figured 70% odds were pretty good in my favor and felt like all my other options had been exhausted, so I felt like I really needed that surgery. If only my fibro had only been diagnosed beforehand, I don't think I would have had it done. I still wear a back brace on and off and extreme temperature changes really affect my back badly. Back surgery procedures have come a long way, and they are much safer than they used to be, but in my case, I think it was unnecessary.

    With this disease it does seem necessary that we become our own specialists, because so many doctors have limited knowledge of the disease or effective treatment methods for it. I've had to change doctors several times, and am still looking for the right one who understands this well enough to give me the care I feel I deserve. It's a frustrating thing on a daily basis, and it really helps to "talk" to others here who really do understand what it's like.

    Good luck to you! This board really is a helpful tool. Glad you found it.
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    Welcome! I, too, have cervical disc disease, in addition to FM. Just wanted to share my experience---I had surgery recommended to me, but opted instead (this past summer) to try the steroid shots. For me, it has reduced the pain in my neck (radiating down my shoulder & arm) by at least 90%, some days by 100%. This is not to say that the shots themselves (I had two, spaced 3 weeks apart) were easy----I think that anything that goes through the muscle of an FM sufferer is always worse & requires more recovery time than normal. With each shot, I was in pain (not in the actual shot site, but across my upper back) for about 48 hours, during which time I took a couple doses of vicodin (which I normally don't do---don't use any regular pain meds for FM, just supplements) to help. Anyway, the end result has been---knock on wood, or in this case, maybe bone or cartiledge---very successful! I'm glad I opted to try this before surgery (of course all of us are different with different degrees of vertebral herniation). I also have a lot of hand/finger pain & inflamed feeling like you (but NO signs of arthritis), and foot pain.

    You are probably already finding out what a great site this is for information on all types of care, meds, diet, supplements, therapies, etc. for FM! I've learned a ton here, so come here often!