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    i just noticed that you take Omacor,, just was wondering
    how many do you take a day? i`ve been taking it since
    nov-06 ,couple months and i haven`t taking a blood test yet ,, i`ll be having one next month,and i take 4 a day
    my chorstrol was 400 she {Dr.}gave me crestor and my good chol.went to low so she put me in this meds.my chol now is
    180 so thats good ,,but guess what? i`ve had problems
    with nails and very dry hair ,no problem there nomore
    so have you had any side affects on Omacor?
    take care, ,,,gmom,,,
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    Hi gmom,
    Couln't you try a pre-natal vitamin to help with the hair and nails?

    That might be worth looking into. Also a cheap remedy.

    your friend,
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    i`m not taking Omacor for my nails or hair,,my chosltrol

    was to high 400 ,,but i think i having a little to much and it`s affecting my nails and hair,, i`m going to see my dr. and maybe this is not for me,,,,gmom,,,
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    thanks for reply,, i had to stop taking crestor because of muscle pain,,i was thinking asking the dr. for that zetia for cholestrol,,but i wondering if that would also affect
    my mucsles,,have you had any side affect?

    also after taking Omacor 4xday it better help to pick up
    my good cholestor because that affects your heart thats
    what i was told,,,when your good cholestrol goes to low

    so how long have you been taking Omacor?

    take care,,gmom,,,
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    I had the same results with all of the statins and zetia. I am starting to wonder if that is what set off my fibro. I had alot of leg pain that started moving up to my back and then down my arms. It showed that it was really effecting my liver so they took me off of everything and put me on Red Yeast Rice x 2 a day along with fish oil pills x 2 a day. I still have to question if this set off my fibro because I have had it ever since.