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    Had my rheumy visit yesterday. Made the 3 1/2 hour journey by train with my best friend. Then had a 30 minute train ride to the suburb rheumy was in and then a 15 minute walk after that. Sat and waited in his rooms hoping like mad he wasn't the one I was to see as he seemed awful. He was the one, but as it happens he was very nice. Confirmed I have degeneration of the discs down my spine, am developing a curvature, and have osteo-arthritis becoming worse in many of my joints which is why my wrists, knees and ankles won't work for me sometimes. Says they are very crackly inside. Also said I do have FM. Says you can call it muscular rheumatism to explain it to some people. FM is a bit more than that but it might be easier to explain it that way to some people.He didn't change my meds. Says to stay on the Zoloft as he finds that better at helping people to cope. Other than that just take the pain relief I am on. I am so sensitive to meds that it makes it hard. I have my supplements and will be concentrating on them. He did ask me to try and watch what I eat because of the weight gain and to also keep up with my water therapy, try to increase that and to try and do a little more excercise ie, (slow walks) and try to go beyond the pain and extend what I am doing slowly. Other than that he can do nothing for me. Says my own Dr was on right track and to return to him. I am happy with that. Can accept the treatment and am happy at trying to help myself with the supplements. But boy!! was I exhausted by the time I got home. Could hardly move. My friend kept saying she was going to find a wheelchair for me. Just joking, but I was certainly having trouble moving and was just so glad to sit for a couple of hours and wait for the train home again. Have done very little today as I am just too tired. Anyway thanks Pat and others for support and help. Be in touch again soon. Love Ozgran.

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    I`m amazed you made it, I thought of you yesterday thinking did she go? - and if so, how exhausted you`d be.

    No need to tell you to take it nice and easy. Lord, I would be very depressed after seeing him. I`d have expected nothing short of a miracle cure from this guy...

    If it`s Osteo-Arthritis are you on Calcium supplements? and forgive my ignorance but are you on Antibiotics?- can`t remember what meds you are taking...

    The Olive leaf is a powerful natural antibiotic in itself, -need to be careful that you are not mixing meds with the wrong supplements here.
    Several have said that garlic has worked as an antibiotic too. Jeanna on the board is herxing like you wouldn`t believe on this at the moment...

    I hope you feel a bit better today, let me know how you are.

    Lots of love, Pat.
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    I have been very tired today, but have rested most of the time. I am on anti-biotics still and they are helping heaps, so I am not taking the OLE. I am not disappointed by the visit to the rheumy as I was just very much afraid I would be judged as just being nuerotic, you know, it's all in the mind stuff. I have been told for so many years leading up to this, that I was just being nuerotic and couldn't possibly ache and hurt in so many places or feel generally as bad as I do.If I had been told that yet again, I was coming home to work normally and show them how ill I can be.But as he accepts it, I don't need to do that. Tho' somebody else on this board said Oz' is, or was supposed to be, a world leader in this area, I am yet to be convinced. I will just take it slowly and not ruffle any feathers with the medical profession. I will also keep up to date with this board and my friends and what they are finding out. Best part for me is that my husband is accepting of what the rheumy said and is prepared to help me further. Has been doing so today. Seeing his favourite saying has always been "It's not my department", meaning the house etc, he is being very good.Will catch you again. Love Ozgran.