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    just wanted to let you know we did go to toronto. We had a great time. The city is beautiful. We saw the bluejays beat the oriles 8-1 on Monday. We also saw all the people lining up to see Canadian Idol, there was a van out front that was covered with pennies, so cool!!

    We went to the Hockey Hall of fame the next day and did some shoping and we saw the Eaton Center too, that is unbelievable.

    Thought the city was very pretty, not nearly as crowed as I thought it would be especially with the traffic, so I was glad about that.

    The Hotel was very nice, I would stay there again, the buffet breakfast in the morning was delicious.

    You are lucky to live there and I am glad to have finally been able to see it. I can see the city from my back yard at sunset and it is so beautiful , this is the 1st time I have crossed the lake and actually been there.

    God Bless


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    I really appreciate your letting me know about your trip. It's interesting to hear another perpsective on your own city. There certainly is lots to see and it's lovely in the summer. I have enjoyed living here for quite a long time.

    I am glad the hotel worked out. Which one did you choose?
    You are blessed that you have the energy to make a trip like this. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

  3. kgangel

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    You are right I do feel blessed that I could make the trip, but there is too much walking and I could not do what I wanted while I was there, but was still so glad just to go see the city.

    Thanks for writing back.

    God Bless

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