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    Hi Rene hope things are going better for you. It is very cold and snowy here. I am more than ready for spring.

    Well Andrea finally put Draven thru the MRI. Alan refused to take them as there was no need for it. She said that he had a reaction to either the dye or the anteshia as they put him all the way out. She said that he turned bright red. Guess what it came back that there was nothing wrong. Just like we all knew. She is running out of things that could be wrong.

    We went and saw Daddy today. I took him his clean laundry and some lunch. He was in a pretty good mood. Told us we should not have came in due to the weather. The roads where ok.

    I am so sorry about the dogs. I know that it is hard to get rid of them. I wish that you did not have to go thru all that you are going thru.

    Your brother is making it as tuff as he possibly can. Has he done anything about his welfare. If he does get on it will they push him to get a job?

    I hope that your Mom is doing ok. Have you had a chance to talk to the person higher up? I will keep you both in my prayers.

    I am going to try and lay down and go to sleep. I was in bed once and couldn't get to sleep so I will try again. Take care and keep me posted.

    I hope that you see this the other thread was getting so long.

    God bless; Pam
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    HI Pam, how are you? I'm glad Draven's MRI is ok. My mom was having chest pains pretty bad so they called the ambulance. Thankfully she didn't have a heart attack.

    I haven't heard from the lady in LA and I was supposed to get a call from her yesterday. I emailed her. It scares me as I'm intrusting her with the precious dogs and I don't know her. I don't think its good that she doesn't call. I do know she does wonderful things and to arrange to get the dogs all the across CA is pretty special of her. Hope she calls soon.

    Has your dad heard from your brother? What is your dad saying about him now?

    I haven't got to talk to the head person at the nursing home. I have so much going on.

    Yes it will be nice when spring is here. We do get to turn the clocks ahead in mid March for the 1st time.

    We are finally getting winter here. We had a dry warm January. Not one day of rain! Now its been raining for days and it will the rest of the week.

    Do you and your husband go on vacation ever? Where do you go?

    Well thanks for the kind words.
    Take care,
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    Sorry to hear about your Mom. How is she doing now? I am glad that it was not a heart attack. What did they say that it was?

    Have you heard anything from the lady in LA? I know it is a very hard timed for you. You are still in my thoughts and prayers.

    Daddy heard from my brother last Sunday. Daddy told him he wasn't going to get out in the cold and come see him on Monday. He still worries about him, but he is upset with him at the same time. I checked on Bud's case online and he is writing trying to get his sentence shortened, they have refused him.

    It is cold and snowy here and we are suppose to get more snow. I cannot wait until Spring.

    My husband and I went to Gatlinburg, Tenn last year. We stopped on the way back from Florida after we sold his parents property. We had a nice little vacation. We where going to try and do it in August but that is when Alan had his knee surgery and than things never calmed down.

    Bill goes to work on Monday. He is really looking forward to it. Alan also goes to orientation for his new job on the same day.

    Take care. I am here if you need to "talk".

    God bless; Pam

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    Hi Pam well thats great about Alans new job! Nobody sick huh? Well thats good.

    They don't know what caused her chest pain. Though last time it took at least 12 hours to find that she did have a heart attack.

    Boy my mom is driving me crazy. I won't see her tomorrow even if I can ( though I bet I go see her). Today shes telling me to leave my brother in the house!! I can get in BIG trouble if I get him out legally against her wishes. So I had to tell her again people are in her house and its messed up. She goes well then have the "people leave". I said Brent knows not to have others in the house.

    Then after I told her that she goes "your scaring me" just as the nurse was walking in so I probably look like who knows what!

    Well I called the Lady from LA (JAmie) and the foster parent will be back monday or Tues. She is trying to figure out how to get the dogs to LA. SHe said that she paid $700 for a dog to fly to NYC from LA. Also I hope I can get ahold of my brother otherwise if I go in that can lose the eviction and I have to start again.

    Are you doing anything fun this weekend?

    Well take care,
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    Well it is 7:00 am here. I got up with my husband this morning and am trying to get a few things done. Alan & Alexis stayed here last night since he has to get up and go to orientation today at 9:00. When he starts actual work he will be on the second shift. We haven't figured out how we will do that yet.

    We are suppose to get some bad weather. Anywhere from 6-9 inches of snow on top of what we already have and possibly sleet. Alexis' preschool is suppose to have a party tomorrow but we will see.

    I am really sorry that your Mom is being difficult about your brother in the house. Is this something new? Does she feel sorry for him?

    I understand how you feel there was things I wanted to do to get rid of my brother but knew it would upset my Dad. Does she realize that he is not even paying the utilities?

    I am sure that the nurse at the NH understands, they know that the elderly say things.

    We went and saw Daddy on Saturday, I took his laundry and picked up what he had which was not alot. He acted kind of down. My brother had called the night before. He bought a phone card out of some of his comminsary money and is running low again. Daddy said that he told him that he wouldn't have any money until Wed. I wish that I could put a stop to that but I don't know how.

    My Daddy is so funny. When we go to Wendy's he likes bacon cheeseburher with tomato, lettuce, and mayonaise. I stopped at Burger King and got him a junior whopper and had the same thing put on it. He only likes pickle on junior whoppers. I guess I am going to have to make me a list to carry so I will know what he likes on whick sandwich. LOL.

    I am so sorry that things are so rough for you. How is it going with the dogs? I am here if you need to talk.

    Hugs; Pam

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    Hi Pam, so how did ALan and Bills first day go on their jobs? Wow that is a lot of snow. How cold does it get? We were supposed to have rain but it is really nice and sunny in the 50's.

    My brother isn't supposed to be in the house. He'd stay in her shed cause she had kicked him out at age 45 cause he threatened to burn the house down to her. She did have a restraining order on him. Awful and he doesn't even worry about her and just asks about her once in a while.

    I know her molester is sleeping in my bed it makes me sick.
    I don't dare tell her.

    Well I had told Brent that the lady was gonna make arrangements from LA (7 HOurs) to come and he won't answer the phone today or even at 11 last night.

    Does your dad want to go see your brother? That is nice of you to do his laundry. Yea my mom is real picky too with her food you probably do need a list.

    So will Alan, when his hours start, pick up Alexis after school and go to there place or hows it going to work?

    Well I did go see my mom yesterday and glad I did. She asked for her pain pill right before I got there and they didn't give it to her. I called the aid. The aid asked the nurse and came back and said the meds will be given in 3 hours! I went straight to the nurse she goes"yes your mom can have a pill now"! So if I wasn't there they weren't gonna give her her meds!

    Well sorry for all that I hope everything changes but the more problems I solve it seems the more I get!

    Well take care,
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    The guy's jobs went ok. Alan goes in at 3:00 pm tomorrow until 12:15 am. Bill has to be in at 6:00 am. We are suppose to get what the weather guy said will be the worst storm in years.

    It was a good thing that you went to see your Mom when you did. Do you think that they are missing giving her pills very often?

    Do you think your Mom was just not thinking straight when she said to leave your brother in the house? Has he been to see her at all or even called or sent a card?

    No Daddy is not going to go see my brother tonight. He needed a couple of things and went to Walmart yesterday. They did not have any of the carts so he had to walk around the whole store and it just about killed him. He said he had to sit for about a half hour before he could even go into the house. He has not felt good all day today. I am a little upset with him for not calling. He said that I had my hands full. I guess know I am going to have to search and find out what he is out of since he won't tell me.

    I told him that he was the only parent that Bill and I still have and we want to keep him around awhile. He said "I know honey but it is not easy when where I am". That really upset me.

    We are suppose to go to Alexis' valentine party at preschool tomorrow. If the Plainfield schools are closed she will not have preschool.

    Don't be sorry for venting I am glad that I am here. You have "listened" to me many times. I hope that before long things will get better for you.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam, Did Bill make it ok to work? That would be really stressful. How about Alexis did she get to have her party or did the school close? How far is her school from you?

    Today I'm not gonna stay very long with my mom maybe 30min. I am so tired. I think the nurses aren't giving her meds (the ones she is allowed to have if requested,norco) because they are lazy or to busy.

    My brother only saw my mom once back in Sept. He told the gal down the street my mom died and gave him the house.

    I haven't heard when the dogs are going to go. We haven't had contact since Friday and they were supposed to go this week. Sure it will be soon.

    To bad Walmart can't hold a cart for your dad but they probably won't do that. How much more time does your brother have? Does your dad say things like I wish he was home ect?

    Take care,

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    Hi from a very snowy town. It is awful, it seems like everything is closed or closing early. Bill did make it to work and was home by 11:00, and got paid for the whole day. No Alexis did not have preschool today, she was not happy about it. Alan was suppose to go in at 3:00 for his first day but they called and said not to come in today to come in at the same time tomorrow.

    Boy your brother sure is a piece of work to say that his mother had passed away and he got the house. It sounds like he is a compulsive lier like my brother.

    Can you request that they make sure and give your Mom her meds. I think some times that will encourage them to do it if they know a family member is on to it.

    Well the latest on Draven. Andrea called Alan and they finally read the prinout for the meter he has had on since no to long after he was born. The Dr. is concerned with how many times the heart rate one went off. They first made and appointment for tomorrow and called today and canceled it until Friday. The Dr. said that she wants to check him out that he could just have a little faster heartrate. Everytime he was in the hospital they had him on a heart moniter and never where concerned about it. You would think that if it was reallys bad that they would have gotten him in right away.

    I know Daddy is worried about Bud, but no he has not said he wished he was out or anything like that. I talked to him again today and he is still really down. I do not know what I am going to do.

    Sorry I went on. Let me know how you are.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam, hows it going? How is your weather today? That was nice they let Bill go home and paid him for the whole day.

    I'm glad Alexis likes her school. Did you guys do anything for Valentines day?

    I got my mom a card and told her I'd bring her anything from anywhere and she only wanted In and OUt burger. It was awful as she was extremely sedated. Like I had to tap her on the face and that was at 4 00.

    I had called at 11 and talked to her and she was super weak and sounded like she was gonna pass out
    I called the RN to have her check in on her. I know one day I complain they are holding her meds and today she was about ready to pass out. I think they accidentaly gave her to much.

    Well the lady in LA said her foster can't take the dogs! She found another place in San Dieago with PETCO. I called the vets wife in Santa Rosa (100 miles away) and she said she can take them next week!

    Yesterday with my mom was kinda good. She looked at a magazine for hair with me for 10 minutes! I had the biggest smile ever.

    Why do you think your dad is so down? Did he and your brother hang out and do you think he is lonely or just that hes in jail, which would be enough.

    Well take care,

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    The weather here is cooolllddd. The schools are open today around here only they are on a two hour delay. I guess they will have Alexis' valentines party today. I think I am going to stay home and let her Daddy take her.

    I really don't know why Daddy is down. No they did not hang out. He worries about Bud being in jail but as he said Bud did it to himself. I talked to him last night and he was about the same. If Bill gets home on time I want to go see him tonight. Bill will have to shovel a path for us to get in.

    Friends of our's granddaughter's fiance shot himself in the head yesterday. They got into a fight he left and shot himself. He lived for a few hours after and I guess she got to tell him good by. She is 20 and he was 18. They have a 10 month old baby girl. It is so awful.

    I am glad that you had some quality time with your Mom. I know that you enjoyed it? I hope that she will be with it more today and you can enjoy more time togather.

    I am going to try and get some housework done while I have the house to myself. I need to start calling Alan in a bit to make sure that he gets up to take Alexis to school. He goes in to work today at 3:00.

    Take care and let me know how things are.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam, did you make it to your Dads? Hope your weather is getting better. How is Alan and Bill liking their jobs?
    Thats awful about suicide. If was probably just a stupid fight. I wonder what happened at the hospital when he said goodbye? Heartbreaking.

    I went and saw my mom of course. She was simi ok. She got her haircut. They just cam in a cut it in her bed. I'm gonna see if I can get her out of bed and maybe get her outside for a little bit as it will be 70 today! Can't believe that.

    I went and picked up some movies at the library and am passing them out at the NH. I hope I can get my mom to watch one too. Your allowed to order a dvd player and the NH will bring it to your room.

    I called my moms dr yesterday as she was overdosing the other day. She had all the signs. I don't know what to do as she is in pain always. I don't want her pain meds withheld and she is on so many different pill for everything.

    Well I guess I'll go for now.
    Take care,
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    We went to Daddy's today. He called and said that he had to get to the bank to get a couple of bills paid and get some money. We hurried in there to get him shoveled out. He was in his car (he had trudged thru the deep snow). There where a couple of guys there. They said that they where trying to help him out. One of them seemed to get nervous and said are you family and I said I am his daughter. He told the other guy "let's go they will get him out" He went to the bank and Bill shoveled out a path to his door. When he got back he said that those guys said they would dig him out for a tip. THEY WORKED FOR THE APARTMENTS. I am so mad. They led us to believe that they where just trying to be helpful and they where trying to get money from Daddy. I am going to contact the apartment office.

    It wasn't just the guys they had cleared the main sidewalks and that was it. Daddy parks by his gladd doors and goes in and out of that way as alot of the other people do. They had not cleared any of that.

    Bill and Alan like their new jobs. Alexis is having troble figuring out why her Daddy and Papa both are not here. She told me when I put her to bed that she needed to tell her Daddy goodnight and needed him to come back. He can't take phone calls so we called his cell phone and she told him good night. I told her he would hear the message when he got off work and would be happy.

    What did you Mom's Dr. say about her meds and them ODing her? How does she like her hair cut? I can't believe that they did not sit her up in a chair. Where you able to get her up and outside to enjoy the warmth?

    Enjoy your warm weather. It is still cold and we are going to get more snow. I am sick of winter. I was in Walmart today and they are getting their spring things in so that gives me something to look forward to. LOL

    Take care and let me know how things are.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi how is it going? What was the weather there today? Well it was wonderful today but we are gonna get a lot of rain starting tomorrow. I know what its like in the snow as I lived in North Dakota and it would be cold for months like minus 60 below 0. I only like to visit the snow. We get to turn the clocks on March the 10th I think.

    So how is Alan feeling? He sure has been through alot now with the stress of a new job and the new baby. Have you seen Draven lately?

    That wasn't right what the guys did to your dad. And even more so if they work for the apartments.

    Well my mom today was horrible. I only stayed 15 minutes. I had "talked" to her for like 2 minutes an hour before I went and she sounded ok but when I went in she was grabbing her bib as I was feeding her making the food go on her bed and over and over and just acting like a two yr old.

    I do feel bad but I told her I had to go. I had ordered her a dvd player and the dvd the NOtebook movie hoping she could watch it (I don't think she can really watch much of anything but I try) but she was extremely agitiated or something.

    Her dr didn't get back to me but I'm glad he didnt cause I gonna get her norco (vicodin) cut down from 10 to 7.5 and then 5 since she is on morphine to at 90mg a day. Is that a lot??? I don't know.

    Snuggles is doing good. I took him to the vet yesterday and he needs some teeth pulled and it will cost $200 to $300. But he is a joy and the patients sure like him.

    Well take care and stay warm!
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    Alan is doing ok. Your right he has beent thru so much. He has his good and bad moments. His x-wife was paying support for about six weeks and it has stopped again. The last check was for 98 cents.

    Daddy seems to still be doing good. He is goin on and on about Alexis. She is crazy about him too.

    I plan to call his apartment complex today. I want to be careful I do not want anything to come back on him.

    Where you able to find out what made your Mom so agitated? She has been thru alot too.

    It is suppose to warm up here. Rain later on this week, with all of the melting snow and than rain it is going to be a mess.

    Let me know how things are with you. Take care.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Rene hope that everything is ok.
  17. Rene

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    Hi Pam, how are you? I'm really glad Alexis makes your dad so happy. How far does he live from you?

    Glad you're getting warmer weather too but yea it will be a mess but we turn the clocks on March 11 and I can't wait for that.

    Well I've been upset. The lady,lila in Santa Rosa (2 hour drive) who is married to the vet didn't call me Monday like she said. I called her at 8:30 pm Monday and she didn't answer and she didn't call me today. I don't know what to do with the dogs.

    I called one of her "friends" and asked about Lila (runs the rescue) and she said she has mixed feelings and told me to call her tomorrow to talk as she was sick.
    Well the only really good thing is my mom watched the Notebook and she liked it! I can't belive she even watched it. I asked her what it was about and she gave me a 30 second description.

    I set her up to watch Ray Charles when I left tonight.

    Wel can't get my brother out with the dogs there. If I wait a little longer then my 30 day won't be valid. I will have to give him another 30 day or even 60 as the law just changed on Jan 1.

    Well I guess I better try and sleep.

    How is Bill Liking his job??
    Take care,
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    Sorry to hear about the dogs. I hope that the lady rethought and will take them. I know that you will be sad but will feel better that they are going to a safe place. Than you can get your brother out.

    That is great that your Mom enjoyed watching the Notebook. How is she doing? Have they changed any of her meds?

    Well Daddy went from being in a good mood to going way down. My brother called him collect from jail and it must have hurt Daddy because he said all he seemed to be worried about was if he had sent him any money. He started talking about what was going to happen when Bud got out how he would again be laying in on him. I told him he did not have to let that happen. I talked to him again yesterday and he seemed in a little better mood, he had went out and got a haircut and stopped and got a corndog and rootbeer. I am at my wits end. I can not do any thing legally as long as Daddy says it is ok for my brother to be there. Daddy did tell me he did not know what he would do with out me.

    Bill does like his job, he said that it is interesting.

    I am going with Alan to pick Alexis up from preschool. Take care and let me know how things are.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam, sounds like everyone is doing ok? What does Bill do? Oh I would find out how much the call is from the jail cause I think its like $3.00 just to answer. It costs a lot of money.

    What did your dad mean that your dad is gonna lay in on your brother or your brother is gonna lay in on him? I know what you mean about that you can't stop him from living there its up to your dad.

    Well I still don't have a place for the dogs. I did call the lady back in LA she said let her know.

    Did have a little joy with my mom. When I was feeding her she goes "slow down you're like a machine" and I go sorry and started laughing and she goes "it sure is nice to hear you laugh". I couldn't believe she said something so normal and something that a mom would say! That was so nice I almost cried. She hasn't been my mom in a long time and is just in her own world.

    SO nobodys sick in the family? Wow! Hows your weather? We've been getting much needed rain.

    Take care,

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    I am so glad that you had some joy with your Mother. It shows that she is still in there somewhere. Enjoy the good times.

    Daddy meant that my brother will come back in there and lay around, throw his stuff around, and not contribute and money to the rent or anything, and go and come as he pleases. You are right about the phone calls from jail, Daddy said a collect call costs around $5.00, everytime he calls from one of the phone cards it takes $3.00 off.

    Bill goes to the prisions and correstional insitutes and delivers commisary items and picks up things that have been made in the prisions. He says that it is really interesting. No he does not go to the one my jerk of a brother is in. It is a county jail and they only go to state ones. They are talking about starting to pickup and deliver laundry to them thou.

    Yes everybody is doing ok. I think Andrea has ran out of things that can be wrong with Draven. Alan and Alexis have been staying here thru the week. He works second shift and when he gets off he just sleeps here instead of taking her out and maybe waking her up. It has me exhausted, she came in our room twice last night,and when you get up at 4:45 it does not give you much rest.

    I am hurting alot but I guess it goes along with little rest and stress LOL.

    Let me know how things are and take care.

    God bless; Pam