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    How are things. How is your Mom doing? Have you heard from the state yet. I hope they can help you. Your poor Mom is in there for the simple care that you mentioned in a earlier post. You are not asking for any thing to much.

    Nothing exciting going on here. It is cold and we got a little snow. I dislike winter, and don't like snow.

    I guess the wedding plans are coming ok. I don't think that her parents are going to be much help. They don't need to have a big wedding. I don't blame Alan for not wanting to go to the court house and have the clerk marry them like him and his xwife did. It was very cold. She does not want to do that either and I understand completely. You can have a nice wedding and not go to extremes. The size of the wedding is not what makes the marriage.

    Alexis was out of Prek yesterday because of MLK's birthday. She has it tomorrow so she will be glad about that.

    I need to go clean my kitchen. Take care and let me know how things are.

    God bless; Pam
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    HI Pam, how are you? I didn't go into today just to tired. My mom was extremely hyper and repeating loud. I really thought it was the pills. I don't know how to stop it.

    The state didn't call me yet. I will leave another message as I have a lot more info for the state.

    A small wedding would be good. Going to the court doesn't even seem like you were getting married. Has she started looking a dresses yet?

    Guess ALexis had a good day at school. We too are having rain. Can't wait for spring

    I got to go to the NH tomorrow for my mom to get glasses. They sent my mom there for glasses by herself a few weeks ago.

    SHe hates them and was trying to take her top off at the appt. The NH didn't tell me about the appt. so we are going to redue the appt to get her glasses she likes-it will be a miracle.

    Well take care,

    PS just got back from her eye appt. She couldn't see out of her new glasses and she did super good with her old ones. We got new ones that look just like her old ones.

    The Social worker laid into me last week that I don't even say thank you. HA! She didn't like them cause she couldn't see out of her new glasses!

    I will say my best quality is I am very gracious for everything. SHe doesn't even know me.

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    Is your Mom adjusting to her new glasses? I know when my eyes change it takes some time. That social worker had a lot of nerve saying you never say thank you. Why would she say something like that? Some times they have alot of nerve.

    Alexis had prek today. Her Daddy took her and picked her up. I talked to her a little she was all excited. I hope when she starts school next year that she enjoys it as much.

    I finally got my house cleaned up. It takes me so long any more. I am going to do laundry tomorrow.

    It is suppose to be really cold in the morning. I plan on staying in. We may get a little more snow tomorrow.

    Monday a guy called from collections for bank of america about Daddy's bill. He went on about how Daddy's credit was so wonderful and if I paid off the account he could rest in piece with his good name intact. I lost it and handed the phone to Bill. Every time I get a call or a letter it brings it all back. Daddy did not have good credit the last couple of years of his life. He did up until than. Bill told him not to call and I was not responsible for Daddy's bills. The guy said that it showed that some personal property had changed hands. I sure would like to know whos hands it went into. The car was the only thing he had and we know what happened to it.

    Sorry I went on I try not to dwell on it but it makes me so mad.

    I hope you and your Mom are doing ok. Let me know how things are.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam, sorry about the Bank of America call. My mom has that card too and they have been ok. The collections lady told me they'd probably just write it off. I don't know why they won't do that for you. I'm glad you have BIll to be there for you.

    OH my last post was so confusing. She got new glasses without me (at the NH) weeks ago. SHe hated them. The Social worker took her old ones away. We went to the dr with both pair and she could only see with the old ones.

    She couldnt see with her new ones she got weeks ago.They are ordering her new ones with frames like her old ones.

    The state has not contacted me.

    Saw my mom today and she ate some yams. She was so so. Tomorrow I go to the obgyn which i'm a yr late for as i had a huge mass on my overy which was removed.

    I bet Alexis will love school next yr. She such a positivie little girl

    Take care,

    PS Robert stopped by my moms room today. I told him I was going home soon and he goes "want to meet and talk" geez does he get the hint. He parked right next to me too. I'm scared of him. I told him I don't do much due to illness and I give what I have to my mom.

    Also was around the other day in the parking lot and I walked away fast. He doesn't even know me and he has lots of family. [This Message was Edited on 01/24/2008]
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    I do not blame you for being leery of Robert. I am sure he is lonely after losing his wife but he is being very pushy. You where right to tell him you had to save your energy and such for you Mom. Does he know where you live? If his wife is gone why does he still come to the NH? I would be leery of him too.

    It was a year or so after Momma passed away Daddy got involved with the manager of his apartment. He found out very quickly that she was after his money. That is when he had money, before he blew it all. He was lonely. Within 5 months she found someone else and married him. I will say she did come to the funeral home when Daddy passed away.

    You and your Mom don't have to pay for the extra pair of glasses do you? That was wrong for them to do it with out you there. They know your Mom's condition. Are things going any better?

    I have Alexis. Andrea is taking Draven to the Dr. He has a cold his little nose has been running and such. Here we go again.

    I was asked today if the kids came up with the money for the wedding if her Mom and Dad would go for it if we would pay 1/2 for the honeymoon. I told him no, it would be planned and we would get stuck paying for all of it. They wanted to stay a night or two in a Sybaris. It is a very fancy hotel with a pool and such in the room.

    Alexis is going thru a stage of saying she loves her old Mommmy. It started when we went by a motel and she said it looked like her old Mommy's apartment. It is so hard to try and explain why her Mommy does not come around. She said that she hated Andrea last night. Of course she was making her pick up her room.

    I am sorry I went on and on. I sat down here to just answer you, thank you for listening.

    Let me know how things are.

    God bless; Pam
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    HI How are you? How's Draven? Aw poor ALexis about her mom. Did she sign away papers for Alexis?

    I don't blame you for not paying for the honeymoon. It is your choice to pay or not to pay and you should not be made to feel bad in any way. You've already helped more then enough.

    Robert is just coming on to strong. I know hes lonely I bet I'm more lonely then him. I hope he finds someone. Thats bad what that lady did to your dad. Take advantage of him.

    My mom was simi ok. I brought her yams tonight. I saw her only 16 min during lunch as I was coming back from by obgyn. I need to get a ultrasound for my fibroid and a mamogram.

    What are you up to this weekend? We are having lots of rain again for the next 5 days.

    Take care,
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    Draven has a cold but they gave him an antibiotic because he has had it for so long. They went ahead and gave him the shots he was suupose to get on Friday.

    No her bio mom did not sign papers to give up her rights. She has not seen Alexis since june 19 of 06. She has not tried to get in contact. Alan has the same number he has always had since he got his phone. She lost her phone and has moved at least 3 that we know of. She is close to $7000 behind in child support. Alan at this point does not want her to come back into Alexis' life. As he said start coming around for a few months let Alexis get use to it and than disappear again.

    I do not understand how a female can carry a baby, give birth to it and not want it. She said I don't know how many times she would have gotten an abortion, she didn't want to be a mother, she wasn't going to be tied time to a kid.

    You are right Robert is coming on strong. Has he found a job yet? It is easy to see that he is still hurting from loosing his wife, but that does not give him the right to be so pushy and overbearing. I can bet that you are lonely there are nights when I get lonely when Bill is out on the road. You are so tied up with taking care of your Mom. You are a very wonderful person for what you do.

    Alexis and I baked a cake today. It was a late BD cake for Bill. We had a ball, it was so cute I laid stuff out and she came in there and said where is the box. When her Papa and Daddy came home she could not wait to show her Papa his special surprise. She told him "When it was your BD we had the wreck and Nana's shoulder hurt so we made it today". He said it was the best cake ever.

    How is your Mom doing? Have you heard any thing from the state yet? They sure take their sweet time.

    Let me know how things are going.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam, we must have just missed eachother here. I just got back from the NH. My mom seemed overmedicated and tonight I will find out what the morning nurse gave her as LeAnn RN will do the PM shift and she is so helpful.

    I agree with ALan on having her mom stay out of her life instead of poping in when she wants to though I don't know what a psychologist would say.

    Maybe its better to get little attention then none, I have no idea. I am so glad you have eachother. Thats nice you got to make the cake. Sounds good.

    Robert works full time so that is good plus he is staying with his parents.

    Me and mom go to the drs for her hand next Fri which always takes 3 hours. Hopefully they will help. Her fingers are curled and won't open up.

    Oh I looked at the hotel out that Andy wants to stay in. I've never seen anything like it. Maybe say that you treat them on there 10 wedding aniversary.ha!

    They need to focus that the real gift is they are becoming life long partners joined for life under God. Not all the wedding stuff.

    Well guess I'll go for now.
    Take care,
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    How is your mom where you able to talk to that nurse you said was good? I hope she could tell you what your Mom had been given.

    Has Robert popped up any more. Hopefully soon he will find someone.

    You would think any attention from her Mom is better then none. The times she did have her I don't think she was with the same guy more than once and she took her to I don't know how many different homes. Most times she would pick Alexis up late and bring her back early. We can't prove it but we are pretty sure there where times when she did not even watch Alexis. I don't know what the right answer is. I know it tears my heart out when she looks at me and says Nana I want you to be my real Mommy.

    I hope youa are getting some rest. You have so much on your plate to deal with.

    Alan and family are coming over and we are going to watch Smackdown (wrestling).

    Take to you later.

    God bless; Pam
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    Rene New Member

    HI Pam, how are you doing? HOw is Draven? Yea that is so sad about Alexis. One of her moms boyfriend could hurt her. I'd be scared. Alexis is pretty well adjusted for what shes been through.

    My mom was given 3 sedating meds at once I found out.

    That Robert was there today.

    I turned around and said I forgot something at the doorof the NH and he left out to the parking lot. When I finally left his car was still there. He was just pretending to leave when I was.

    Leslie said he came by looking for me on Sat night and he emailed me again sat night at 12 30 am.

    He also quit his job.

    This really nice lady in the next room is leaving to A station. I'm gonna miss her. SHe doesn't want to go.

    Well better go for now.
  11. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    I could have swore I answered you. I guess I did not post it. Duh.

    Why in the world did they give your Mom three sedating meds? Have you heard from the state yet?

    Boy Robert is sure becoming a pain isn't he? Why is he still at the NH with his wife gone. I can't belie44ver he4 quit his job.

    Draven is ok, it was just a cold. She called the Dr. last night because she said he was running a 101 temp, hadn't ate since Sat. and had the runs. I know her Mom thought she needed to call the Dr. because it did not come about until in the evening. She wanted to know if I would watch Alexis if they had to take him out to the hospital. The Dr. told her there was nothing to worry about.

    Alan works the second shift so he was not at home. She also called me and said she found a placed that said they can do the wedding for $1000 and wanted to know if I thought it was a good price. I got the feeling the question was would you pay for it.

    She put Alexis to bed a little after 7:00 because she mis behaved. I bet she was really upset when she woke up at 3-4 in the morning too.

    Well onced again I went on and on. I hope things are going ok with you. Please let me know and thank you for listening.

    God bless; Pam
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    HI Pam, how are you? Hope Draven gets better soon.

    I hope Andrea isn't trying to hint at you to pay. I love wedding stuff. I even get magazines from the library and look at dresses. My mom bought my dress and I paid for everything else.

    When I got married my inlaws didn't pay anything and that was fine. They did buy ALL of our furniture for the whole place-they were really wealthy people.

    I haven't heard from the state. I have called many times. The system is awful. They passed a law that all complaints are to completed in 10 days yea right.

    I am going tonight and taking today off. I'm to tired and the mean nurse works every tuesday.

    WEll take care,

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    Busyknitter2 New Member

    Hope are things with you and your Mom? How did the mean nurse treat her tonight? I will never understand why people feel that they can have a job like that and treat people meanly.

    We had some wild weather tonight. It rained and stormed and we even had a tornado warning. It was raining and blowing so hard that the hail hit my front door and we have a large front porch so it came up under that. Now the temp has dropped and it is snowy and everything is a sheet of ice.

    The kids are staying here tonight the wind was blowing trees agaist their trailer and Alan did not think it was safe. I have a house full. Alexis is sleeping in my bed with me. Andrea and Draven are sleeping in Alexis' bed and Alan is sleeping on the couch.

    I am really tired so I am going to go to bed. I will talk to you later.

    God bless; Pam
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    Busyknitter2 New Member

    bump for rene
  15. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi Pam, I kept coming here waiting for you to reply! That sounded like a bad storm. Did you all make it ok? Did they cancel school?

    Do you have any plans for your anniversary coming up? Hope the weather turns around for good.

    Oh that night the mean nurse wasn't there but she is tonight and I only went for 10 min today. I am not doing good. I thought she only worked on Tuesdays.

    There is such a shortage for RNs. She is filapino and even on Craigslist they advertise in the Philapenes that they will pay for filapinos schooling and plane ticket to come here. We have people from Africa and alot from Figi.

    RNs get paid good and it doesn't matter if you have a bachlors degree or not. I never new this. The RNS do it for the money.

    Robert was at the NH yesterday. I was only there for 1 1/2 hours and he stopped right outside the room I was in and started talking to someone. This place is huge like 1 1/2 football fields and his wife was never in our station.

    Well off to the drs tomorrow for my moms hand.

    Hang in there. Spring will be here soon.
    Take care,
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    We all made it thru the storm ok. It was sure scarey. We where suppose to get a bunch of snow on Thrusday night but only got a little bit. They did not cancel school either time.

    I am worn out and very weak. We went out to dinner with some friends to celebrate our anniversary tonight. It was fun.

    How is you Mom doing? Has Robert left you alone.

    I am sorry but I am so worn out I am going to get my pjs on and rest. Take care and let me know how things are.

    God bless; Pam
  17. Rene

    Rene New Member

    HI How are you doing? Glad you went out to celebrate your anniversary. Happy Anniversary! How is Draven?

    I haven't heard from the state and called several times. My moms dr appt on friday was so so. They were really nice but he doesn't want to do anything with her arm.

    He said he only did one amputation before. The last doc thought amputation was a good idea.

    Robert emailed me twice on Friday. I still haven't written him back from last Sat!

    I met this nice lady who was in the NH for a few days. SHe told me to call her so I did at home. She is really nice and wants me over next week.

    She lives on a thousand acres in my town! 650 are wine vinards and they have a winery. She is about 65 yrs old.
    Her husband died 20 yrs ago and her 3 sons have a house right next to her.

    I'm kinda intimidated now that she is super rich. I couldn't tell. We will see. They even have a park by me named after them.

    Well Snuggles wants out so better go.
    Take care,
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    Hi how are things with you? Draven is feeling better. Bill is sicker than a dog. It came on him all at once. He has such a horrible cough. He is suppose to go on the road tomorrow but I don't know if he will feel like it or not. He is hardly ever sick but when he does it knocks him for a loop.

    Alexis stayed with us again tonight. She is going thru a very emotional phase and gets upset over the littlest thing. Something is going on.

    Is Robert still emailing you? How is your Mom doing. Are they still keeping her really medicated?

    I hope things are going better for you. How is your weather? Here it is cold than it is warm, snow one day and tomorrow we are suppose to get a lot of rain. It was foggy all day and it is really bad now. I worrey about Alan having to drive home in it.

    Take care and let me know how things are.

    God bless; Pam
  19. Rene

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    Hi How are you and how is Bill? Sounds like he might be sick for a least a few days. Do you have any ideas about Alexis in whats making her upset? Well you were together on your anniversary but not how you wanted to be.

    My mom is was really acting out tonight. I went as the not nice rn was there. I didn't make any difference to my mom and she was yelling and repeating for an hour straight.

    She isn't sedated and scarying me that way so thats good. I met a lady tonight at the NH when I took snuggles out.

    She was in a wheelchair and had part of her food cut off due to a pedicure.

    While she was in the NH her house caught fire and blew up and her husband whos 60 died as she took him off the ventilator. I felt so bad for her. This just happened 2 weeks ago and shes been at the NH a month. I told her I'd pray for her. What do I say.

    Well gonna get ready for bed.
    Take care,

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    Bill is not feeling very well at all. His fever was up to 101 this morning. I called the Dr. and they put him on a couple of inhalers. Bad part is I am getting it know my fever was up to 103.5. Bill made me take some tylenol and said if it didn't go down he was going to take me to the hospital. Last time I took it it was down to 102.

    Alexis is getting it too. Alan is mad he said that Andrea called at work and told the security guard that his duaghter's temp was up to 103 and he needed to come home, he never got the message. She did get it down tho.

    I don't know what is making her upset. I know she does not want Andrea to correct her or tell her what to do. Andrea does favor Draven and that is not right. I talked to her teacher on Monday and she said she had noticed that she was not as happy go lucky as she use to be. She had to tell 3 things she liked and 3 things she disliked. For like she put Nana & Papa, Draven, and the beautiful birds. For dislike she wanted to put I don't like it when Mom tells me what to do. We put bananas, pickles, and the dark.

    I am very sorry to hear that your Mom is not doing very well. She has been thru so much.

    I am worn out and feel awful so I am going to get ready for bed.

    Ged bless; Pam

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