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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ruthiepie, Mar 14, 2003.

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    haven't been on in quite a while....been lurking though and reading the boards.....haven't felt like talking much....big depression....lots going on around my place causing me a lot of stress....it'll all work out, hopefully......lots of new ppl here....I've been seeing you sign in....Welcome and God Bless You....My biggest helps for FMS still seem to be my Hot Tub, Feather mattress, Tens Unit, Pacing myself, massage in recliner chair and Lortab(when I absolutely have to have it, which is two to three X daily now)I'm still using a cane,handicap parking and the electric carts(when available)....I just learned from a family member that a distant cousin of mine(21 years old now)has just been dx with severe FMS/CFS....she has been sickly since 8 yrs. old, missed a lot of school and has never been able to hold a job because of her fatigue and pain....DOCTORS#??&%~^**$$$##....that's why I don't go to them anymore than I absolutely have to...about all they do is take your money!!!!...God Bless you all and try to have a pain free day....love ya...ruthiepie
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    Glad your back and wrote a little post. YOu sound wonderful and I am sorry about your cousin. Yes!! Doctors these days (95%) are scams. They are in it for the money..the more they can see in one day the more co-pays they make not to mention the monthly check they get from EACH insurance plan they have signed up with. These checks ...all they have to do as my dad stated it once is ...walk in the front door and turn on the lights. My dad was a dentist and he was not like these doctors today. Its like the insurance tells them how to treat, walk and talk to each patient. Its not based on just the patient walking in and getting help. Its like a written out plan. Anyway enough of that...glad your here and write back. I know your pain as im almost in your postion. I know when I get a bit older (41 now) I too will need a walker or cane and even a wheelchair. Already have one ready and waiting. See Ya!!! Pammy
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    Don't feel bad for just reading & not posting- I think we have all done/do that! Hope you feel better soon!
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    Heres another lady who does not go to the doctors anymore, just to get my Xanax, or I would not go at all!!!

    I have been doing great, reading, and from this board. Best 'medical' advice I have ever gotten with this illness!

    I am sorry to hear about your young cousin, please invite her to join us here, we will do everything we can to help her as you know.

    That makes me so sad to hear young people have this illness. But what makes me madder is the doctors who don't really believe many of us!

    Take care, and drop in anything you feel like it. Miss you around here!

    Shalom, Shirl
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    for the replies.....not feeling too swift this morning....I too will be worshipping God at home today....took me all morning just to shower and get my hair washed....sometimes the body just does not want to move when you want it too!!!....again thanks and God Bless