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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by omeeomy, Sep 23, 2008.

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    Just wanted to say Thank You for your prayers for my son.

    He got back Thursday from Uganda.

    Terri, you was right things went well for them. He said it was hard to leave the people behind. He said what broke his heart some little boys begged them to bring them to America with them. They stayed with people from the church that had running water & power. They all the money they had left to the people before they left. We went down & stayed all day Sunday & went to church with them. He's leaving for Alaska tomorrow. I guess you are real busy. Has you MIL moved yet?

    Linda, are you doing ok? How is the weather in AZ now. It's beginning to get really cool here. It's getting down in the 40s now. Give us a hello. Hope all is well.

  2. alaska3355

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    Shirley- I'm glad your son's trip went well and that he was blessed by it. It sounds like a similar experience to what our friends had.....that they felt needed there and hated to leave.

    Linda- I haven't been on "the board" much lately- hope you are doing all right. How is your Mom?

    My MIL is arriving this weekend. Her furniture has been waylaid in Iowa (the movers are waiting for a full truck before bringing it out here) so she'll stay with us for a couple of days. I think her residence may have some furniture to borrow, so I'm going to check that out today. She will buy a new bed when she gets here, so all she needs is a table, comfy chair and chair at the table, to get by. It will not feel homey until she gets her own stuff, which I can totally understand. I hope it comes soon!

    We have been having lows in the mid 30's the last two nights, so I've plucked all of the green tomatoes and put them in sacks to ripen. It takes awhile, but we'll still enjoy them. My boys are loving the cooler fall weather! They've been playing tennis after school with the middle school team.

    Well, time to get some things done around here.
    Take care, girls

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