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    It's been awhile since I've posted and I've really no excuse except this DD. I've just been trying to research, research because I want so badly to heal myself and get on with my life. I am on disability because of this, my life as I knew it is over and I'm in greiving for that. Which depresses me, which in turn aggravates or intensifies the pain, which depresses me..round and round I go. I get so tired and I can't exist like this. I can't get down on the floor and play with my toddler grandson; I can't plan dates with my friends or if I do and push myself, I'm down for days. Sometimes my legs can't seem to support my body and it hurts to walk, but I need to walk. I am on prozac, lisinipril, unithroid, wear a cpap machine every night and i've been doing this for months..no relief..just facing pain. I try to brush away this illness and try to recapture who I was, but my body won't let me. What has helped others? Or am I just really sorry for myself?
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    If you are feeling sorry for yourself, then so I am I. I can't think about drawing disability right now because my insurance at work covers my husband and he is waiting for a liver transplant and no one else would cover him. I struggle to get up and go each day. My job requires a lot of walking and one Dr. that I saw said that's the best thing I can do to keep going. It's hard to tell your grandchildren that you can't pick them up when they want you to! I too am sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time. I, like you want my old life back or at least something sort of like it would be nice. I guess this is just a bad night. I hate this feeling! The only help I've been able to find is to turn it over to God and let Him carry me through especially on the roughest days.
    You're not alone!
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    Most of us on this board could have written exactly what you wrote! We all feel sorry for ourselves at one time or the other, thats just human nature.
    We all grieve for the life we 'used' to have, but after the grief is over we have got to move on. I now have a life that is different, but still fulfilling, but it didn't happen overnight for sure.

    I still do many of the things I used to do, but I learned to modify them so that I don't hurt my already weak body. We even arranged the house that I don't need to stoop and bend so much, and learned to garden in large pots on cinder bricks so that I don't need to bend down, all the changes we made took years of trial and error, but we are doing well with them and I am living a life without hurting myself anymore.

    As for not being here for a while, I had a bad case of sore throat and bronchitis, then my Pit Bull had an absessed ear and I could not take my 'eye' off of him as he would have scratched it and made it worst, so I have been off the board for a few weeks myself. Myself sick and 'babysitting' my dog too.

    Stay around here, I personally have found more help for Fibro here on this board than the twenty years I bounced from doctor to doctor looking for help.

    Have you tired taking magnesium? that has been the biggest thing that has helped me with the pain. I take 'Pro Energy' (malic acid and magnesium glycinate) twice a day, and I take 'ZMA' (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6) at night for deep sleep. I have been taking the ZMA one year this month and I sleep 7-8 hours a night now. It has turned my world around. I have not had a serious Fibro flare in over a year since I am finally sleeping. Both these products are sold here at Pro Health, you can go to the Store link and read about them, also get a free catalog and newletter too.

    The only thing I have not found any real help for is the Fatigue, I have bouts of it, like this last week, I have had it since this past weekend and its still with me. Can't seem to shake it.

    Other than that I am doing fairly well.

    If we can help you, please just ask, anyone here is more than willing to share with you what they are doing and if its helping.

    I don't take but one prescription drug, and thats a low dose of Xanax for 'racing brain', I take this at 6pm to calm me down so that I can sleep at night, I do not take them during the day unless I have an anxiety attack. Everything else is supplements, vitamins, herbs etc. I am the 'natural nut' around here!

    Shalom, Shirl