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    Hi there,

    I haven't been on here in a long time. I just recently was on the FM board and saw that S-Elaine was having a cancer treatment. That prompted me to come back here and see what all was going on with people.

    Last year, I was only on here long enough to do a couple of threads called "Road Trip" where we simply described fantasy stops along a virtual trip around the U.S. The second one ended up somewhere in space, I think.

    Then my life ended up somewhere in space, I think! I wasn't able to do much computer conversation after that.

    Anyway-- Elaine has a great post on the FM board, where she states her case so clearly and intelligently, yet always so diplomatically. I just love that about you, so I hereby dub you or any blog you may someday write "The Express E-Lane". I wish you all the best with your cancer therapy. We'll have to do another Road Trip, someday my friend.

    KJade has had a baby?! That is so fantastic I can hardly stand it. You have had so many trials and tribulations over that past few years. You are one courageous true-hearted lady. What a lucky little baby! I remember you saying that you liked detective stories, so I always thought of you as "the mysterious Jade Lady". If your kids only knew what lurks beneath that sweet exterior!

    Mikie-- it looks like you have had house remodeling adventures. I can completely relate to that one. I had to get a different kitchen because we found destructive black mold behind the sink. ARG! I had to do our dishes in the bathroom sink.

    It was worse than camping and doing dishes outside, or even worse than my early married days when we had no dishwasher or garbage disposal-- but all that turned out great, $10k later! (So much for the lavish European Tour ;-)

    Then, like a glutton for punishment, I decided to replace the carpeting in the house with laminate, which means that one basically is doing an on-premise move, and that wiped me out. So, I am so ready to have my house and home back to myself! I hope that you are happy/satisfied with yours. You must be doing okay, health-wise too, I hope? I saw that your other knee surgery went well. That is really great!

    Rafiki-- mites again?! OR the same ones that re-bred perhaps? I don't know how I have survived this last year without your wise vibe. Hopefully we will have better days ahead, and I will have more peaceful episodes in which to post on here. Rock on, Metta-Mom!

    Real Mad Scientist-- I haven't read of any of your recent posts, but just the titles of so many of yours make me laugh without even having to open them. I very much appreciated your wit and contribution to the Road Trips. Wouldn't have been the same without you.

    Wayne-- It is great to see you over here. Who needs sturm and drang, when you can have chit and chat? I was realizing that it is a little over a year ago that I saw Michael Hane. My neck is back to being crummy. He might be able to fix it during his free follow-up, but it's the trip to see him that is difficult, as you well know. I didn't really feel that differently afterward, but it certainly was fun meeting him, and my neck did feel great for a quite a while, so thanks again for that great tip!

    Carla-- CKBall-- I'm so glad to see that you're still painting and displaying. That is so challenging with health issues. I don't know how you do it!

    Jaminhealth-- I see that you have migrated over here as well. I hope all is going well with you in Santa Monica. My sister-in-law teaches at the college there. She actually lives in S. Pasadena because it has a really good school/environment for her young child. I spent many lovely hours going with her to shops, cafes and galleries all along your stretch of the coast, including a quick trip up to Cambria (Hearst Castle) as you mentioned. I hope your OA and trigger points are giving you too much grief during this humid season.

    Well, if there's anyone I didn't mention, it's because I didn't get the chance to meet you during that brief time I was here, or I haven't already met you from the FM/CFS/ME board.

    In my own life, my oldest has left home for school and I am feeling partially empty-nested. Although I have to admit that I am really enjoying having just my younger child at home to focus on for once.

    With all of our home- remodeling and school costs, we didn't go anywhere this summer-- I mean no-where. Not even one nearby town and hardly a restaurant meal out. So, another Road Trip is starting to feel like just the thing!

    Any takers?

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    Hi! Yes I remember you!! And I do remember the virtual road trips. I don't think I ever participated in one of those, but I did read them - they were always quite entertaining!!

    That was such a sweet note you wrote about me! Thank you! Yes I just had my 4th child a little over a week ago. I had a fairly normal pregnancy, and I am doing pretty well now post-partum, considering everything else I have going on. I do remember you always calling me the "Jade lady"...lol.

    Well, I am glad you are doing well - sounds like the home remodel has kept you quite busy!! I look forward to reading about another "road trip"!! Take care!
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    Hi, Lisette! Nice to meet ya!

    Your fantasy road trip sounds like great fun. Are you gonna do it again? Can I play?


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    I do remember your UN. Hope to see you more on the chit chat board. Lately, it seems that I am mostly on the CC board and the Porch. The Peeps are so friendly and understanding. So many of us are feeling about the same with these DD's - like - - - - !

    Then we have those, like Mikie who likes to remodel her bathoom. She can come and do mine after she rests up :) !!

    Hope you are feeling well sweetie and nice to "see" you again. ! Another road trip sounds great for reading about. Not sure how much I will get to participate though.


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    As I recall, I retired on a party boat in South America, and only got dressed up (put on a bathing suit) occasionally. A lot of fun the trips.

    Alas, I've been lethargic about posting recently. Maybe I've run out of sparkly, new, ideas for the moment. Oh,well, one musn't worry.

    Suppose I'll go on a road trip in about a month: to the Burning Man. Only about 150 miles from here. Perhaps you could check the BM "regional" events near you. "Toast" near Phoenix or Dark Skies based in Las Vegas. Dark Skies has some fun events year round that aren't too costly.

    Maybe don't try what my parents did way back in WWII. They were stationed in Kingman Arizona and saw a big river on the map about 200 miles away. They saved their ration cards and gas and made a big trip.......unfortunately the river was just a dry river bed. Perhaps a thread could be done on the worst vacations?:)

    Good to hear from you Lisette, your fellow traveler, Mr Bill