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    I haven't been on the board for several months and just wanted to check in to say hi to Jeerie and all the others on this board who have given me loads of encouragement and advice since my CFIDS caused me to lose my job back in August. My health condition hasn't changed much for the better. The fatigue and pressure in my head is there constantly and now doesn't vary a whole lot. I'm pretty much the same every day now. I suppose that is the only difference from earlier. Before, I was worse in the morning and during the day, but better in the evening. Now I am pretty much the same all the time. On the bright side, I have learned to live with my limits and have stopped fighting them. I have become a dealer for an aftermarket vintage agricultural equipment parts company and am selling exclusively over the internet. No phones to answer, no being on call, I just work on it when I can, maybe an hour a day. I'm not doing big business, but at least I feel a bit productive again. When I contacted the company to inquire about becoming a dealer, I wasn't even sure they would consider me because of my limits and probable small amount of sales volume. They told me they had two other dealers that were in the same situation as me: became disabled, lost their jobs, but were now selling on the internet. Since I have applied for SSDI through Allsup (who have been great, by the way-I highly recommend them), I contacted them to see at what point my earnings would affect the chances of my claim being approved. They said the "magic" numbers are $900/month and 10 hrs of work/week. I'm not even close to that, because I just can't concentrate or even think for that long, so I guess I'm OK. I would one day, of course, like to become independent again and hope that someday I will wake up and be "normal" again.

    Again, I want to thank you guys for "being there" for me when things looked their blackest. You were my lifeline there for a while, and kept me from losing all hope. My best wishes to all of you for a happy holiday season.


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