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    Hello Barbara! Gee, it's nice to hear from FAMILY! I was born and raised in a little town called Collinsville which is about 18 miles from Tulsa. Then, after college I lived and worked in Tulsa for a number of years. Then, I lived in Arkansas, then in Kentucky, then back to Tulsa, then on to O.U. (Yea Sooners! Great Rosebowl!) to graduate school. Then worked in Miami, OK for a number of years, then moved to Montana and have lived in God's Apartment for the past 15 years. Outrageously beautiful country here!

    Isn't it sad we have to meet through this damn disease!?

    Right now the e-mail on my computer is messed up, so I can't send or receive e-mails....hope to get that worked out soon. However, in the meantime, maybe we can talk here.

    Thanks for posting me. Tell me about yourself, and we'll exchange miseries and histories. Come back....Carol
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    When I went to Oklahoma for Christmas, I tried & tried to find a Sooner's Rosebowl sweatshirt, T-shirt, whatever. Looked & looked everywhere. They had sold out, and what they had reordered was already sold. Oklahomans are SERIOUS sports fans.

    Other than Oklahoma, my favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys. I stick with 'em through thick and thin. However, I am not a fan of the owner, Gary Jones. He needs a SERIOUS enema. {oh me).

    Thanks for your post. Carol....

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    I'm glad I'm not having email problems. My friends can quickly fill a mailbox with all the goofy things they send back and forth.

    I'm neither a Sooners or Cowboys (OSU for others reading) fan. My brother went to OSU, but I went to Phillips which used to be in Enid, but now is no more. We didn't have a football team, but our baseball team was fantastic and I don't even like that sport! One of my Phillips roomies married a guy who went to OU Med School, so she was cheering with you during the Rose Bowl.

    I remember Collinsville. Didn't spend much time out that way, but I do remember it. I grew up in Tulsa and lived there until I went to college at Phillips. I got married during college and we moved to Emporia, KS after we graduated so he could work for the newspaper there, which had a good reputation.

    However there was also a teacher's college there and it was turning out more than enough teachers for a town that closed two elementary schools the year we moved there. Thanks to that I got into preschool education and worked with the little people off and on until 1986.

    We moved to Virginia in late 1977, so it's home now. In another year I will have lived here half my life. I have three kids who are all adults. One is a preschool teacher (4th generation educator) in NYC (South Bronx) and will be getting married to a delightful young woman in April. They just set their date this week. They've been engaged since Valentine's Day last year.

    My middle one, another son is currently living with me while he works on getting his act back together after having his fourth psychotic episode in less than two years in September. He's been in a longterm day program that seems to be doing a great job with him. He is also facing felony charges from breaking into a house during his last episode. We thought we had a plea bargain set, but at the last minute the prosecutor chickened out. It now looks like it may be coming back together. We'll know in two weeks, one way or the other.

    He was originally dx'd as bipolar, but now they are thinking perhaps schizo-affective. I'm waiting until we have another family meeting to discuss why they changed their minds. He is an artist by training and formerly passion, but now sees it as more of a hobby.

    My youngest is a junior in college and majoring in sociology. She is a big social butterfly and thrilled that she was asked to be bridesmaid in her brother's wedding. The other brother is the best man. My kids are extremely close and would do anything for each other.

    I worked as an elementary school teacher from 1990 until the fall of 2001. After two weeks I took a day off for some medical tests and haven't been able to work full-time since then. I'm still fighting with the state over disability retirement, but they made the mistake of mailing the report that they based my denial on to my doc and now he's mad. So I have a strong hunch I will win on my appeal! I posted about that today also.

    I now live with my 91 year old mother and my son and dog. When I'm up to it I have a homebased business that has turned into more of a social outlet and fun hobby for the moment. I do see myself eventually getting back to working more regularly at it though.

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    Barbara~~It sounds as though you have been a very busy woman in your life. How did you manage it all along with this DD? My hats off to you girl!

    I was diagnosed with FM/CFS at the age of 14. I was born with severe asthma, allergies, and IBS. As I grew older I picked up osteo/psoriatic/rheumatoid arthritis and the heartbreak of psoriasis. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with advanced degenerative disc disease.

    I worked full time all my adult life until 1993 when I was forced by FM/CFS and arthritis to quit my good paying job with great benefits and go to work three days a week for a lot less money and NO benefits.

    As I am my sole financial support, I have to work, but it gets very hard on this 53 year old body. There are days when the alarm goes off, and I can barely move that I'd give anything to be on disability and not have this pressure, stress, and demand on my body to get up and go to work all day. In the past two years with the added back pain, I have missed more work than I have in my entire professional career. By the end of my work week, I am totally bankrupt, worn out, and in so much pain that even the narcotic pain medications don't work until I've laid in bed for a couple of days.

    However, I love my work and find that helping others takes my mind off my ailments and keeps me connected to the outside world. As I had to have a radical hysterectomy at the age of 29, and therefore could never have children--I'm afraid that as much as I wish I were on disability--that if I stayed home I'd just focus on all my aches and pains and make myself feel worse. Yet, I don't know how in the world I am going to milk another 9 years of work out of this poor, wretched body until I can retire at age 62 on nothing but social security. According to my social security statement, I would have alot more income on disability right now than I ever would on social security. I would like to file for disability, but I don't know how I would live financially until "when or if" my disability ever got approved. How do people do it? I would be bankrupt in a month. My 5 cats and dog would starve. My creditors would break down the door.

    Are you in the process of filing or appealing? I would really be interested in hearing and learning how your claim goes. I hope you get it--and soon. Let me know. Carol...

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    I'm appealing right now. Got the denial right after Christmas, which was better than getting it before!

    How did I do it? I had gradual onset of my symptoms. Looking back I recognize them as they gradually affected me, mostly the cognitive problems. They all flared in 1997 with a misdiagnosis of major depression, as far as I'm concerned. I was depressed all right, but I was more overwhelmed by my life and trying to keep up. I couldn't sleep, had the same pain I have now, but not as pronounced, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    It was right after my separation, divorce, selling the house, with no help from my ex, moving, and when I went back to school in the fall, that did it. Oh, also had torn meniscus from unknown reason and arthroscopic surgery the week before school started.

    So I put myself in the hospital thinking, like I had been told, that it was depression, but it never got any better and the nut I had for a shrink refused to change my antidepressant for six long months. I lived from school break to break, after using up all my leave and having a month of unpaid leave.

    He finally switched me to Remeron and I believe the reason it worked within a couple of days is that it finally allowed me to get the much needed sleep I needed. I was doing nothing on the weekends but sleeping and laundry.

    I improved again and was doing great, I thought, when things started to slowly unravel at the beginning of 2001. By the time my son showed up at my door psychotic, which I knew nothing of and I finished moving myself and my mom, had a huge cyst in my breast drained, I hit bottom. Gee, imagine that!

    I think with all you are dealing with that you would qualify for disability. Do you own your home? If so could you take out a home equity loan to help you survive while you go through the process? Could you rent out a room? If you get creative you may be able to figure out a way to survive until it comes through.

    It varies from state to state as to how long it takes to get disability because SS farms it out to the states until you have two denials. I would recommend getting an attorney because at least for me it lowered my stress level a lot knowing I could run it all by someone before sending it in. They get paid from your first check, so it's nothing out of your pocket.

    I hope some of this is helpful.

    By the way, where did you go to high school? I went to Tulsa Central and graduated in '69.

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    Please see my post on the Chit Chat Board today about my son.

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    For Carol

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    Carol? Where are you hiding?
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    for Carol.