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    Thank you Victoria for all of your useful information on Rife machines. As soon as I get off I am going to order the book. Do you know anybody who has had success with it?

    I just starting using one at an Alternative Wellness clinic. They will only allow me to use it 3x's per week and it is $20 per session. Yikes! This is why I would like to get one for myself. I just want to make sure they work considering the price.

    Thanks again!
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    We hadn't gone any further than ordering and getting the book, still sitting on our bookshelf. I guess we're keeping it as a back-up... we were initially distracted by looking seriously at neurofeedback, as we were hoping it would at least allow our son to brain-wise function better, but then started reading more and more about the HBOT and decided to go for that first....

    No guarantees unfortunately no matter what you do, tho. For instance, I do know someone who paid himself for 40 sessions of the HBOT/hyperbaric O2, figuring it would kill any of the possible bugs that could be causing his problems, and unfortunately it didn't do a thing for him... altho he was not on any abx at the time.

    My friend has not really been able to figure out what is wrong with him, tho; he did go see my son's LLMD doctor last summer, and seemed to herx to a trial of abx and flagyl; his Western Blot and other tests were negative however, so, because of the restrictions recently placed on the doc, he couldn't keep getting the abx unless he did have a + on the blood test(s) :((

    Good luck, it's worth a try - and keep us posted on how it works for you!

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    many folks who say that rife helped when ABX had not worked for them .

    You can private message the individuals . I have asked several who felt strongly that rife really is effective.