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  1. mrdad

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    Wanted you to know that you can order those won-

    derful MRS FIELDS COOKIES on line! They have

    370 Stores throughout Amerika ! They most likely

    would arrive to you still warm! We San Franciscan's

    like to share all OUR best with the rest of our friends!

    It began with "RICE-a-RONI" and sour dough French

    bread! "Little Debbie" is attempting to ascertain the

    MRS FIELDS recipe but it is being guarded by the

    BUSHS BAKED BEANS Irish Setter!

    Not to worry!!

    P.S. Tornado watch in Texas. Be careful Kid!!
    And Son sings and plays guitar in front of a
    payed audience! It cost alot of $$ to get those
    people there!

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  2. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Mr. Dad,

    Just what are you trying to do? I will gain weight just smelling those cookies! I seem to remember eating one of those cookies in the Chicago O'Hare Airport several years back. Delish! Indeed, San Fran has some tasty treats. Do they still have cable cars running all over the place?

    Have you ever been to TX? We have some tasty goodies too. Got a few fun websites for you. Check out rudysbbq.com (make sure your speakers are turned up so you can hear the rooster). Texas is huge! Therefore, thankfully, our part of the state isn't in the tornado zone.

    Here's something for your son to "marinate on"---check out sxsw.com---a totally cool music and film festival in Austin each year where your son if he's interested could showcase his talent and possibly be discovered nationally. There's TONS of record label scouts that show up. Check out this quote from the NY Times: The festival is still a place where record label scouts see bands and make deals. But it is also, for many more performers, a hub for operating outside the recording business.... It could be finding a European distributor for a self-released album or the offer of a Midwestern college tour instead." New York Times, March 20, 2006

    This year's festival just wrapped up a few weeks ago, but the 2008's dates are already available. Austin has been labeled the Live Music Capital of the World. Austin is a bit similar to San Fran---laid back, liberal, lots of music and restaurants. They sure live up to it, although the major growth of the city has made things not nearly as laid back nor affordable as it used to be. Too bad!

    JUST got your Bush baked beans joke---haven't seen those commercials in awhile---those are cute. :) I think those cookies have TONS of butter in them!! Ok, I started with the cookies, and I ended with the cookies---where is my mind truly focused?? HELP!

    Take care!


  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I lost an extended return reply to you earlier this morning due to my darn dial-up! Gonna check out
    all the valuable info provided by you to me! LOVE music
    even though I wouldn't be able to read a musical note
    if they wrote them ALL right-sie-up! Ya know what I'm
    sayin' ?

    Cable Car has the Distinction of being the "Only Moving
    National Landmark" in the Nation. I think perhaps,
    that I'm the NON-Movable one!!

    Got lots of significantly insignificate info to share with
    you a bit later! Stay safe!

  4. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Hi Mr. Dad,

    Sorry about your dial up connection pooping out on you. Perhaps you've been asked this before---have you looked into DSL? My hubby and I got DSL about 18 months ago. It's been REALLY helpful! It's become very reasonably priced, and it's so much more reliable than dial-up. You don't have to have two separate phone lines either!

    The music stuff was mostly for your son. Hope I didn't inundate you with too much info there! The Cable Cars are SO COOL & SO FUN! Glad they're still up and running.

    I love significantly insignificant information almost as much as very important unimportant information, the latter of which I will keep sharing with you as it becomes available....

    Be well!

  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    How is the weather in Texas today? I think the rain
    is gone as this "storm" broke up in the afternoon yes-
    terday and looks to be out of here.

    Thanks for your suggestion about DSL as I believe
    my Son has it and he can fill me in on the details. His
    degree is in "Computer Graphics" but is not now work
    ing in the field. He has been a great help to me in na-
    vigating my 'puter. I have an old iMac and it is soon
    not likely to be on par with the up-grades in technology
    outside. He is looking into a possible final one to an
    OS X but not sure we can even do that. Former Wife
    gave me this computer out of "the blue" Had to get rid
    of that wall "crank phone" ta put it on-line! Although
    it was a good tech move, I do miss being able to "listen
    in" on those party-line calls!! Don't know what's goin'
    on wiff those people anymore!

    I lost a story to you yesterday that I've told before on the
    PORCH and thought you would appreciate on an his-
    toric music level as well as humoristically! It was in
    the mid-'60's sometime when I was attending CCSF
    a fine Junior College. It was that same same semes-
    ter at which O.J. Simpson and I shared a (Golf Class).
    Yes Golf Class! Now that is believable isn't it?
    Anywho, it's a Saturday afternoon and there is a knock
    at my door as my younger Brother enters the room.
    He inquired as to how my Amer. History Term Paper
    was coming along? I replied, "not very well, those
    damn Hippies down the street are playing their music
    so loud I can't concentrate." "Oh Joe, 'that's that new
    Rock group that will be playing tonite at the Fillmore
    Auditorium', THE MAMAS AND the PAPAS" !!
    I paused for a moment then said to him, "well ya know
    Jim, if the MAMAS and the PAPAS don't either tone
    down that music, or shut those windows, there's
    gonna be a bunch of LITTLE ORPHANS runnin'
    around the neighborhood! The rest is musical his-
    For some reason, it was much more quiet on

    Gotta get some more coffee!
    Have a fun and safe day down their. Big hello to the
    "Lady Byrd"


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  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thank's ewe awl down there in Texas and parts!

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  7. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Thanks for your note. Lady Bird enjoyed it and so did I! I apologize, I'm going to have to respond more fully tomorrow, as today has been a fibro "crash and burn" kind of day---yikes! Too many days of "normal activities", and I'm absolutely exhausted!!

    I entertained my hubby with your tales of OJ and the Mamas and the Papas though, and he got a kick out of it. BTW, he works at Apple Computer! Perhaps you will get a new one some day. They're great.

    Time for me to return to my place back on the couch....it's been Yawn City, population ME--boring!

    Take care and talk to ya soon,

  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I did see your note to me "tacked" to the Newell Post

    the Porch thread! Sorry you where not having a more

    comfortable yesterday!

    Glad Hubby liked the story about the Mamas and the

    Papas! O. J. Simpson borrowed .75cents from me

    one day for a bucket of golf balls at the Driving Range

    but in all honesty, he did pay it back quickly! Min.

    wage then was probably less than 3.00 an hour so

    .75 cents and when going to "Kolledge" was a lot of


    Maybe you being a Texan can explain the "Lady" Byrd

    or Bird Controversy? My understanding was that

    "Byrd" was her maiden name? But I've seen it both

    ways. I used to call my former MIL "Nana Byrd". My

    SIL lived in Dallas for a number of years and until

    she asked "why" I called her Mother "Nana Byrd" she

    had no idea that I was equating her to Linda, Lucy

    and the Lady Byrd. I thought she would never stop

    laughing about it !! The "true" story of LBJ is to follow

    sometime soon! Stand by, "K"?

    Have a good day! Our weather is going South Fast!!

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  9. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Hey Joe,

    How are things in San Fran? Did your weather improve? We had drizzle and then storms last nite. I get really busy sometimes (which is certainly why I sometimes crash and burn later--can't do too much about it---life is life and it has to be lived!), so if there is a delay in me responding, please don't take offense.

    I have never heard of the Lady Bird/Byrd discrepancy until you mentioned it! A TX tale perhaps? Check out this website for details about Lady Bird: lbjlib.utexas.edu/johnson/archives.hom/biographys.hom/ladybird_bio.asp
    All I did was google it. I didn't see anything in there about her ever being called "Lady Byrd". In fact, it looks like her maiden name was "Taylor".

    Your stories of OJ reminds me of other murderers, although I know you didn't had no inkling that OJ was a future murderer at the time! My grandmother, the same on that later moved to San Fran, first lived in Chicago. She was a teacher there and taught a very famous mobster's kids! Care to guess? See below.

    Al Capone!

    Can you imagine? He was apparently very nice to her and always told her she was doing a great job teaching his kids. That would not be the ideal teaching sitch if ya ask me.

    And all this talk of murder---the VA Tech thing is just HORRID, isn't it? My stomach is in knots over it. The students were so young and innocent, and the professors were nice, decent people. The prof that spared his own life to save other students---that was amazing. I just feel sick about the whole thing to be honest. Thanks for letting me vent!

    You have a fabulous day in San Fran. Hope your weather improves! We're being spoiled for a little while until our oppressive heat arrives. We've got a high of 79. If ya have anymore questions about Austin, I'll try to figure them out for you, although all I've done is check them out on the 'net, which takes all of three minutes. I had an internship at the Austin Chamber of Commerce when I was in college, so I know EVERYTHING about Austin! (Are you buying that?)

    Take care,

  10. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Hi Mr. Dad,

    Not sure if you got my last post. Hope you're doing well by the bay of San Fran.

    Take care!

  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It's been a crazy week for me here, and that's getting to
    be very "normal" afraid! I liked the story about Al Capone! Wow ! I think most people can relate inter-
    esting stories that at the time seemed insignificant.

    If ya "Google up" Daniel White San Francisco you
    will run across another of my aquaintances and
    School mates that became infamous in SF and in-
    deed the Nation. We shared a homeroom in H.S.
    here for 3 years until he either left on his own or was
    forced to leave the Private Boys H.S. I attended. His
    defense became well noted all over the Country as
    the "Twinkie Defense". Sure you will fine the Story
    interesting. My older Brother worked across the Hall
    at City Hall as it happened!

    I was a freshman in H.S. when JFK was running for
    Pres. One afternoon, my boss at the office, I was 14,
    as me if I wanted to take a little time off and walk up
    to see LBJ in a Political Campaign ride up Market
    Street? Excitely, I did so waiting beside the Curb in
    anticipation of seeing the Vice Presidential Candidate
    in the REAL!!! So overcome by the
    moment, that as his open limo passed and he stood
    waving to the crowd of enthusiastic supporters, I found
    (Embellishment Here) myself running beside the limo
    excitely calling his name! As I brushed up against the
    open convertible, Lyndon reached down as I ran to
    keep up with the moving auto, and grabbed me by my
    rather oversized ears and lifted me up into the Limo
    with him!!! We, evidently, had something in common
    besides just and affinity to the Democratic Party!
    This story runs familiarly parallel to one that was to
    happen later in his own Presidency!

    I still have my original 1960 political badge I keep wiff
    my tie clips, "All the Way with JFK and LBJ" I wear it
    every fourth year!

    Enuff 4 now, hah?
    MRDAD aka Joe aka JoeJoe

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  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thanks Kids !!

  13. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Hi Joe,

    How are things? Hope all is well. I'm been mega busy too! I think things are calming down just a bit. Shew!

    Now, let's see. First the OJ Simpson story, and now the Daniel White story. These are both people who you met PRIOR to them murdering people. Doesn't that seem odd? One could only conclude that after they meet you, they turn to murder! Now why is that? (HA HA) Very bad joke theater! What a creepy story re: Daniel White--ick!

    Your stories remind me of my family's small brushes with famous people. My folks were in California (don't remember where anymore) several years ago and one night they were having dinner at some restuarant/night club. Before their table was ready, they had a drink at the bar, and my mom saw someone who looked very familiar who was looking right at her from a distance.

    She elbowed my dad and said under her breath "That's Frank Sinatra." My dad wasn't sure if it was, so they asked some folks who worked there, and sure enough, it was "Frankie Baby". At that point he began singing to my mom....yeah right! Didn't they later discover that Sinatra also had mob connections? What's up with my family and the mobsters?

    Just goes to show ya, you never know who you'll bump into in California. My mom's a pretty lady. Why am I thinking she met JFK also? I'll check on that and get back to ya!

    Be well, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    All the best,


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