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  1. neldwn2me

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    I Hope That Everyone Is In High Spirits. The Reason That Im Writing This Is Becouse My Docter Thinks That I Do Not Have Fm, But Instead Thinks That The Couse Of My Pain Is The Depression. Once The Depression Is Under Control I Wont Have Any More Pain. HELP!!!! HELP!!!! Has Anyone Ever Had This Happen To Them.
  2. neldwn2me

    neldwn2me New Member

    No I havent had an mri done. but i am willing to try anything. It's so dang diffecult to get these doc's to listen and to take you serously. Am Looking for new doc as we speak. Thanks
  3. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    The physical symptoms of depression are very much like FM. I have clinical depression, and I have toyed with the idea of this being the cause. EXCEPT it came 6 years after depression and if I were going to hurt, the first part of this journey would have been the time.

    I don't actually know yet. Go with my gut...I actually think it is depression because of the onset, but being fairly stable on meds is a contraindication. It may have been a med I was taking about 2 years ago that started the whole thing, so I don't know. Just treat the symptoms.

    Best wished in finding out the real cause. I hope it is as the doctor says and that antidepressants will stop the pain. Keep us informed.


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