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  1. fungirl2100

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    Hello everyone,

    I just joined the group today. I am 33 years old & have been searching for the reason for my chronic pain for over 3 years now. I finally found the right pain management doctor who after seeing me only once pinpointed it to FMS.
    I also appear to have disc herniations in my neck & some issues with my left arm & shoulder and RLS to name a few.
    I am glad to have a good caring doctor who is willing to go the distance with me.

    My husband just finished med. school & is hoping to start his residency soon. So, please know I can run questions through him if anyone needs an opinion or med questions.
    My husband is well read & well versed as well. & is willing to help. He is truly a good doctor.

    I am in IL in the Chicagoland area. If anyone is looking for a doctor in that area I would be more than willing to help as well.

    I hope to make lots of new friends & look forward to hearing from my new friends.

    love your new friend,

    Dawn, aka fungirl2100, aka doc's wife
  2. Welcome I hope you enjoy this site. Fibro is no fun is it.
  3. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Who can't respond to someone named fungirl!Hello,so sorry to meet you on this board.At least you have a dx anyway.I was dx almost 3yrs. ago and it was a relief to have a name put to alot of painful symptoms.Lucky you to have a Dr.to understand and be blessed to find someone to treat you too lol.Chicago was my favorite city when I traveled on business with my DH.I have been doing better lately so I haven't posted very much but I check here everyday and I'm sure you'll get alot of helpful info too.
  4. TinaJones

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    Fungirl2100(Dawn)...I've seen a few of your posts but didn't realize you were new until reading this. Just want to welcome you here. There is so much wonderful support here.

    Having a good doctor is such a big piece of the puzzle. I'm so glad that you have that. It's also wonderful that your husband's a doctor, too. I wish him the best as he starts his residency.

    My doctor (internist) here in Colorado is so great - he's on the younger side; his wife is a doctor, too - and they work together; etc. You can tell he is just passionate about what he does. It sounds like your husband's the same way.

    Looking forward to getting to know you more! --Tina
  5. Susan07

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    Glad you found us. There is an incredible amount of excellent information on this website. Be sure to check out the library!

    Welcome and take care,
  6. boltchik

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    Welcome to the board! I'm betting that your positive attitude has helped a lot when dealing with FMS. There are many supportive people here. There is also a great deal of info. regarding the many different ailments that people with fibro encounter. Have a great night! Kim :)
  7. mrpain

    mrpain New Member

    Welcome fungirl; I bet your glad your Chicago bears are in the superbowl! Well take care.....I'm too brainfogged to think much tonight......Nice to meet you! A lot of great folks on this board!

    Happy Birthday in a couple of weeks![This Message was Edited on 01/24/2007]

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