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  1. JulieLG

    JulieLG New Member

    I just received the diagnosis for fibromyalgia last night. I could barely walk into the doctor's office. I gasped or screamed as each trigger point was touched. This comes on top of chronic fatigue symdrome.

    I basically know only what my doctor told me in ten minutes in her office so am trying to find out the true story.

    I am still going to work, but honestly am not getting much done.

    So, I hope some of you will help me, maybe point in the right direction for some good self help.

    And I hope I can bring hope into this group, because this is no way to live!

    Love, Julie
  2. JulieLG

    JulieLG New Member

    Thanks Pam.

    I already have a psyiatrist due to chronic lower back pain so am ahead of the curve on that! And, was just going to start physical therapy but am going to talk to them about changing to massage therapy as well.

    Exercise!!!! OMG! No, I cannot imagine it. I am working and it takes all I have just to get their and back and through my day.

    But, I am hoping with time and doing whatever I can for myself, I can get better.

    I am going to do lots of reading today to learn whatever I can.

    Thanks so much for replying.

  3. CanBrit

    CanBrit Member

    The diagnosis for me 3 years ago left me numb for quite a while. Well, emotionally numb, everything else hurt! A year later, I was diagnosed with CFS.

    I work full-time but usually lose a day or two a month when I just can't pull it off. I find FM fatigue very different for CFS fatigue. Either one or the other will usually knock me off my feet.

    If I'm feeling not too bad, I try to walk each day. Sometimes very slowly, but I find it helps me mentally.
    There are probably as many different ways to cope with FM as there are people with it. You just have to find what works for you.

    I take both prescription meds and vitamin therapy. I have pain everyday, however, it varies in intensity. I get throbs, burning, aches and what I like to call OWWWIES. Those lovely short sharp pains that make you jump.

    The hardest part has been coming to terms my conditions. I'm almost there. I hope you find your way there too.

    All the best,

  4. moab341

    moab341 New Member

    This looks like a good place for me too. Maybe you and I can learn together about this.
    Isn't it overwhelming? All the information on here and all the different symptoms..there's a million scenarios.
    Like you, my Dr. diagnosed me after touching the trigger points, and I would flinch or gasp at almost every single one.
    That was 2 months ago and I basically didn't know where to start to try and help myself.
    I think a good Dr. with knowledge and experience is best, so I asked my MD for a referral to a specialist.
    I figured that was better than me flailing away trying things that might just be a waste of time, not to mention not good for me.
    I have an appt. with a Rheumatologist, but it's not until Feb 26th. He supposedly works with a lot of FM patients.
    I asked my Dr. for some pain meds for those days I can hardly walk and just want to pull the covers over my head.
    I am single and need to work or I think I'd go nuts. I also need the benefits. I work for a large corp. and my insurance pays for almost everything with no questions asked. I hope it stays that way:)
  5. moab341

    moab341 New Member

    Good News...
    I'm so excited!!
    I have an appt. with a Dr. that specializes in FM.
    My MD made the appt. and I called and talked to his nurse.
    She sings his praises like nothing I have ever heard.
    She's worked for him since 1991 and she said he's taken an interest in FM and has a mission to learn all he can about it. She says he travels all over the world, and that he WILL help me.
    His name is Dr. John Hague in Indianapolis, IN for anyone that's interested. He is a Rheumatologist, and I can't see him soon enough! Finally...hope.

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