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  1. clerty

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    I have not been on here for a long long time I just wondered what protocols are still running and if anyone has improved due to bad derpression I don't use the forum much these days

  2. Debra49659

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    hi clerty...traditional medication for me, i am afraid i don't have the wear with all to follow all the instructions:)

    as for the depression, it is so hard to kick isn't it? i feel like such a loser because my family needs and misses me. i love them so much and i miss so much, my daughters are dancing today and i can't go.

    i feel sometimes its a cross between not be able to do things (physically)(hey, i think i spelled that right)and just not caring about things. i have walked around with nasty filthy hair for a week...i could care less.

    ah...i am rambling...

    i am glad to see you back and hope that someone can help with your questions.


    LEFTYGG Member

    so glad youre back stay ahile so everyone can help you.

    i feel better knowing people here understand.

    if my memory is right your the pretty redhead right if not sorry but im glad your here love gail
  4. deliarose

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    Sorry to hear you're not feeling good.

    I would say I am about 30 percent improved on Yasko's protocol .. a longer version of Rich Van K's methylation cycle program.

    I was listening to a tape by the Australian herbalist Kerry Bone today and he was pretty big on st john's wort for depression and also certain viruses.

    He has a line of herbs he sells.. you might want to check them out. Name escapes me now. Just google him. should come up.