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    I said in my last post that i have not been around ,but i really read a lot of the posts ,but do not post much.Very hard being a man and talking about pain.I am 56 yrs old,taught martial arts am a black belt .and Had the same job 32 yrs ,and had to get done.Now on ssdi for fibro cmp plmd ,ptsd,depression.I don,t care what the dr,s say ,fibro does not get better with time.I am now on lyica for 3 months ,helps a little with pain ,but not much.I am on ultram 50mg 6 per day.Plus other meds.What meds are some of you on for pain?
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    Hi erky!
    We don't discriminate, it's nice to have some men around here! I am sure that it might be more difficult for you to talk about pain, but hopefully not on here. We're all in the same boat.
    Does the Ultram help you? I have to take stronger meds, tried the Ultram, didn't touch the pain. I now take Oxycontin and Oxycodone. Also take muscle relaxers and Topamax.

    Do you have a family? Do you have good support? a good doctor?
    I hope you'll start posting more!
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    Yes i am married with 3 children and 5 grandchildren.They all support me,but truly do not understand what we go through each day.I have tried so many drugs i can,t remember all.The ultram only takes the edge off.I will not take oxicodine ,i had a nephew who almost killed him,he got hooked on them so bad.Tryed oxicodone did do nothing.My dr just retired and now i have a young dr 30,s he has no clue.
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