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    I am new here. Have fibromyalgia. I spend a lot of time out of town travelling with my husband.

    My home doctor is great. We just tried Lyrica, total waste of time. I compained.

    He said he would do what I wanted him to. I realized I don't know what to ask for. any suggestions.
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    Hi Sarah!

    Welcome to Prohealth and this msg. board, you will love it here! There is a wealth of ideas, research and wonderful people on this msg. board! I too have fibro and CFS as well as other DD's ( stands for dam&# diseases)! You will find some really great people on this board as you have already seen in the 1st 2 replies! Don't be afraid to vent, share, laugh and most of all, if you are able to, post for yourself and also reply to other posts. Mucho importante,hehe!

    I am sooooo happy to hear that you have a great doctor as that is of the most importance! I am on Lyrica and have had a great experience with it but not all of us react well to the same medications. What else has your dr. suggested or prescribed for your fibro? I am also taking Cymbalta which works for depression, anxiety and helps my fibro and CFS.

    So, how did you find us? I was just playing around on the computer looking up CFS and found the link to this website. I feel very blessed to have found it and so happy to be here. I hope that you to will find all that you need here as well as doing research on your own. What I do is, when I read a post or reply to ideas, suggestions etc. I look them up on the web!

    Welcome. welcome, and welcome!
    Faith, Peace and Comfort, Julie ( Earthdog )

    P.S. there is also a chat room where you can "talk to others" if you want to. I try to just go there when there are a few people or so or I can't keep up,lol!

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    Its good to hear you can travel a lot. I personally cannot anymore:Too exhausting.

    As far as meds: I tried lyrica too and I agree it was a waste of time. I have been on cymbalta for almost a year now and love it. The pain in my neck and shoulders decreased within a week of starting it (FYI: it was hard for me to start because of side effects, but once I got use to it I was good to go).

    I tired the supplements evereyone talks about: I like magnesium the best. I also have a diet of fruits and vegtables. "They" say to stop drinking caffine: Unfortunately this is one thing I will never be able to let go of

    The best advice I can say is to know your limits: That was the biggest adjustment for me. I use to go all day and night, and could not sit still for five minutes. If you need to rest or nap, do it. If you need a day on the couch, do it. I had to learn to acccept my new limits and ask for help when I need it now.

    Oh, one more thing I thought of: track you symptoms. Before my diganois I was at the hospital alot, and went to a lot of speciallists (heart and lung). I was always having chest pain, and this pain, and that pain. The doctors never found anything wrong. Little by little I found out all these things I was feeling were associated with fibro.

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