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  1. Lost-and-hopeless

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    First of all i must apologize for my really bad english because i'm still learning of it....
    I am worried about myself because lately i've been making up new diseases for myself and now i'm obsessed with anorexia and i know it is bad for me but i really wanna become anorexic...and i also wanna kill myself but i don't have enough courage to do it...so what should i do???
    Can somebody give me advice????Am i hypochondriac????
  2. queenbee69

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    surpised that no-one has answered you post. I think that you might have taken us alittle off guard. We, atleast I myself are not drs.I have had a problem in the past with anorexia.For me it was about control. I had no control over anything in my life and found that I did have control over what I ate. I wouldn't worry so much as to whether or not you were a hypochondriac or not but what exactley the under lying problem is. Again, I am not qualified to be handing out advice, but from my own experiances I had to find out what mine were then take it from there! Good luck to you...queenbee
  3. Lost-and-hopeless

    Lost-and-hopeless New Member

    well...about control i wanna have the same thing control over my life and myself...but i can't seem to achieve that and thats what make me feel so depressed and bad and...evrything seems to be so pointless...and ect....
    But this time i'm trying really hard to get some control over me and my feelings and thoughts in my head...
  4. Kim

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    I am in the midst of a health crisis. The only answer I have and the only answer I need is to believe God wants me well. He wants you well, too.

    As far as control, we have no control if you really think about it. God is in control. He knows the way. He IS the way.

    God bless you.

  5. Lost-and-hopeless

    Lost-and-hopeless New Member

    well i must say that i'm not looking for sympathy i just wanna write all this out of me...and that's why i'm here..i don't look compassion..i'm only trying to figure out what's wrong with me....and if i'm annoying you then i'm sorry i don't wanna upset anyone....i'm so sorry that i exist...
  6. Scoobsmom

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    Jesus loves you sweetheart..life is hard at times!! I am sorry that things seem so bad right now and really look bleak, I can not promise you things will get better quickly, but I can promise that if you call on Him and ask Him to bring you loving people, He will..I am sorry that some of the responses were so harsh..He is not harsh!! He is a loving God, He wants you to know love and joy (not necessarily "happiness") but JOY in HIM!! Once we know that He died for our sins,and was raised from the dead, and is alive in Heaven, and always with us when we call on HIM, it makes what others think of us and say to us (things that are not loving) not really matter.. I have lost both my father and my cousin (like my brother) to suicide. It is something that can not be undone, and it makes us who live on..sad that they did not call out to Him..the One who loves us..I will pray for your heart, a hedge to be placed around your heart, an overwhelming peace in Christ's name...You can receive His love, and know that I love you, just because God made you in His image....