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    Im new here. Id like to know how people became athiests, and howcthey cope with there health in relation to it? Im agnostic leaning towards athiest hete are some reasons i live by
    Not excluding thiests but i believe your belief is what keeps you going, if i am wrong please elaborate, and join in as well, i am intrigued by this topic.especially when we suffer pain conditions we must all look for readon and comfort.

    Hell and Heaven reside in the human consience, can you live with yourself, always keep your conscience clear. (obviously doesnt apply to the unaware or psychopaths you cannot expect someone to do the right thing when they are asleep or if their brain doesnt function the same as you)

    Choose your battles wisely, will your actions make a difference? In the larger scheme of things how important is it?

    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. (thank you Newton)

    Everything you do or dont do counts, both are a choice and bith cause a ripple affect.

    Even speaking your truth will fall deaf on a fools ears

    The moment is now, you're either negative or you are postive ( thank you tom hardy)

    To make someone laugh costs nothing but is priceless

    We are all but mirrors. It is not the other persons company you enjoy as so much as the person you become in their company. Therefore, you are always that person.

    You win the greatest race if all, out of 100000 sperm you made it to the egg first despite a hostile enviroment (a womans body attacks foreign matter)

    You wont ever be by this way again.
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    Welcome! You certainly are a thoughtful person - so many interesting things here.

    Love what you wrote about laughter! It is so healing, and takes us outside of ourselves in such a good way. Opens life up.

    Your one comment about "we are all mirrors". I think it's true that we become more ourselves in good, enjoyable relationships. I'm thinking of the friends I have where I can put all my burdens down, listen deeply, be listened to deeply, laugh, cry together.

    But these rare, precious friends - I would hate for them to lose their individuality, and just be me. But maybe I misunderstood your conclusion. I guess I am saying that I love the people in my life because they are different from me, as well as sympatico. With their own stories, struggles, joys. And I feel so honored when someone shares themselves with me. The trust is such a tremendous gift!

    Will go back and read again some of your other interesting comments.

    Glad you are here
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    The world provides the stimulas, you provide the feelings/ reaction towards that stimulas. Its your experience of it eg I feel, i see, i hear, i smell, i think, i do, i sense.
    Feelings, senses etc are generated/arise from within you.
    This is what i meant by mirrors

    Example: Someone says or does this = me feeling/thinking/doing this.

    But regardless how I react to a stimulas (person place or thing) the "I" never changes. I am essentially always the same person regardless. Which means i can take control over how i react to said stimulas instead of feeling controlled by it, because the reaction is my responsibility it is generated from within me.

    I started the thread because im interested in others guides by what they live by to. Especially when we suffer pain. Pain, fatigue, sleep dysfunction are very difficult thing not to react to, or feel controlled by.



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    Both my sons are non believers and I am unable to "argue" with them nor do I want to. It is the Holy Spirit who calls and convicts a person to believe. As for me, my faith in God and his son Jesus have deepened over the years and have sustained me through many trials. I guess none of us will know what lies beyond this life, which in the bible is like a vapor, until we close our eyes for the last time. I am a different person since I became a Born Again Believer, of that I am sure.

    If you are interested you might want to get the book, The Case For Christ, by Lee Strobel. He was a total nonbeliever journalist who set out to prove there was no God and became a strong Christian in the process.
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    Your posts gave me alot of insight into where and how each one of you draw strength and meaning.

    Lol, im not sure now what i was aiming for when i started this post, little ditties i suppose that get you through the day. However, maybe now i understand that your belief systems are those little ditties.

    I will find the time to look into and read some of the things you've said. But i have no real interest or enthusiam to affliate myself with anything really. (i can elabourate on why but i feel theres no need, and it would take up to many pages ;-)

    I gave agnostic leaning towards athiest as an idea/ guide for you but i do not really label myself with anything because even those labels are missing something for me and so would be inaccurate.

    I've read many, many, books, a whole library of them and i have a cupboard full of them, with my favorites to hand.

    What i have learnt is this :-

    That religion cannot fully be understood without knowing the history of it, or the psychology and scientific functioning of the brain and body.

    Psychology cannot be understood without, knowing the scientific make up, and the knowledge of how spiritual 'wareness' can aid in it.

    And science cannot be fully understood without psychology, and the psychology and possible spiritual benefit of 'awareness

    Sadly, each sector remains separate. I think if they were understood together there would be a better overall and balanced understanding.

    I get alot of solace and awareness raising from different music, films, TV programs, and talking to and mixing with a diversity of individuals.

    I too enjoy taking walks over parks, around lakes, and through woodland, theres something very peaceful and grounding in that.

    Comedians are one if my favorite awareness raising professions. I very much enjoy comedy.

    However, its my own experiences in life, and going through different situations and mixing with different people that bring about my most meaningful insight.

    So thank you to each one of you for sharing :)