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    I'm new to this board; been over at CFS board for some time. I've been taking TF 540 for about a year and a half, two caps a day. I can't tell how much it helps because I have radically changed my diet also and that HAS worked really well. I am better than I've ever been since becoming sick.
    BUT... I ran out last fall, and didn't bother to get more. About three weeks later I felt as though I was getting EBV all over again, flu-ey. I quickly ordered some more, and I won't experiment again! Either a coincidence, or the stuff works!!

    CFIDS since 1994, but gradually since 89. Age 43 with a happy family life!
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    I am so glad this has helped you. I was wondering why you chose TF 540. I think alot of people don't know which one to try


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    Transfer Factor System 100™, Transfer Factor 4000™ and Formula 540™: These products contain enhanced activity for Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) and CMV. Both products are supported by a patent on the process for obtaining transfer factor from colostrums. Transfer Factor 4000 is the same high quality formula as Formula 540, at a lower price.
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    Yes, I chose 540 because I read it was helpful for EBV. I have reactivated EBV. Thanks, I'll look into 4000 if it's cheaper!