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    My name is Austin, I'm male, and I'm 18 years old.

    I live in Southern Ontario, and I BELIEVE I have Lyme Disease....

    This is why.

    Since about early october 2007, I've been experiencing full body fatigue, My symptoms included and include, Malaise, run down feeling, feeling like a ran a marathon, I sweat alot, I got hot flashes, I go through flares, my temperature is always high, but usually not a fever (but almost a fever), I get really thirsty sometimes, I'm depressed. just a whole slew of things.

    The reason I think I have Lyme is, whenever i take anti-biotics I feel alot better. Actually from august to october, I was on antibiotics (cipro, levaquin) because of a prostate infection, and during that whole time, I felt great, No fatigue, no nothing, just prostate problems haha.

    But, I got off them about a month ago, and things were going good, but slowly my fatigue has returned and I'm feeling much worse, week, tired, light headed.

    its effecting my school work, making me discouraged about my dreams and aspirations (I want to be a director / writer) I don't know what too do.

    My GP (family doctor) thinks I'm a hypochondriac so If i go too him saying, hey dude, Um, i think I have lyme disease, and this Igenex place has a better testing protocol then you do for it, so If you can just doo the blood work for me that would be swell. I think he'll just laugh and send me on my way or some s***.

    I'm at the end of my rope, I don't want my life to be taken away from me, I have a prescription for some more antibiotics that i got for a cold that I have, (avelox) and i'm honestly comtemplating getting that filled out, just so i can feel better for a little while, but I know thats not a good thing too doo. And i've heard avelox doesn't mix well with lyme....

    I need advice, I want to visit a LLMD, but there is none in my area and I think i'd have to go to the states too see one and i don't think my mom would be down for that as she doesn't believe i have lyme either.. but I'm really sure about this. I have no recollection of ever getting a bullseye bite, but that doesn't mean i don't have it.

    I got a bunch of blood tests from a nutritionist and the results said i was severly depleted in Omega 3 fatty acids, but I've been taking Omega 3 and it doesn't feel like its doing anything for me...

    Can lyme deplete your omega 3?

    Sorry if this message is all over the place ,i'm kind of just writing stuff as i think about it.

    Please help!
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    I don't know about the Omega 3 depleted due to Lyme.

    I'm sorry you're facing such a hurdle. Did you notice any rashes while taking the abx for those 2-3 months? If you notice any rashes, take a photo to show the doctor. This will help support your case.

    I can tell you how I handled my Igenex testing. I made an appointment with a GP on a Tues, because when you FedEx to Igenex, they need the sample by Thrs or Fri (I forget), and for me it took 2 days to reach the lab. You should be careful to check into that from your area.

    Anyway, I saw this GP, whom I hadn't seen before, and just said I really want to have this test done through an independent lab, at my own expense, and I just need his signature. I plead my case that I've been to several doctors who found nothing for my many symptoms, and feel strongly about Lyme, because many ppl do find out they have Lyme after believing they had FM/CFS. I was surprised how willing he was to sign it and have their lab draw the blood. He even admitted that he wouldn't know what to do for me if it came back positive.

    Really, all you're asking for is a signature and a blood draw.

    Good Luck.
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    I am so sorry that you are going through this with no support from anyone. I am Canadian too and find that the doctors up here are very close minded when it comes to Lyme. It reminds me of how people reacted to me when I told them I had CFS 16 yrs ago. As it turns out, I probably have Lyme, maybe not CFS, and I am going to take a 5 hr train ride to see a doctor who will treat me in Toronto.

    Are you anywhere near Toronto? Going to the States is complicated and expensive. If you could see this dr. in Toronto, he will do the Igenex testing if he thinks you have Lyme and give you antibiotics. He might even put a picc line in your arm so you can have Home Care come in and give you IV antibiotics every day for 20 min.

    My GP doesn't think I have it although he referred me to an Infectious Diseases dr. to check it out. The Infectious Diseases guy more or less said it was the "in" thing to have and no, I don't have it.

    I did convince my doctor to make the referral to the dr. in Toronto by going to the CanLyme site, running off the symptoms and showing him the number that I have. If you have 20 of the 75 symptoms, Lyme should be considered. I had 45 so he wrote the referral.

    If you were to do that, would your mom and your GP pay attention to you?

    The key is that you feel better on antibiotics. When I felt better on IV antibiotics this summer, that convinced my CFS doctor that I have Lyme. It sure sounds like you have Lyme or some other stealth infection going on.

    Hope this helps.

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    I second Pepper's suggestion. Whatever convinced you, find the information and show it to your mother. You will need her support in this. You may feel worse during treatment than before, due to the toxins released when the bacteria is killed. It's common. Besides the symtpom list, write down the time line of taking ABX and feeling better, and then show her the information that the ABX you were taking is good for killing lyme.

    A good site for finding information for your mother, and also a doctor near you is Lymenet flash medical quesions. They don't name the lyme literate doctors publicly, but will private message you whoever is closest to you. This site doesn't have private messaging.

    If you have money of your own, and can't get anyone to help you, some have used Nutramedix products as an alternative. My doctor has me on Nutramedix Samento and Cumanda, but that's after a year of ABX treatment. I find it's causing die off, so it's definitely working for me. I'm on a lot of supplements too, that my doctor recommended. It's very expensive, I warn you, if you wanted a list of what I take.

    My husband found the best price for the products my doctor specified (Samento and Cumanda) at a site that includes Susan Ambrosino's Herb Club. There may be a source that's cheaper, but that's what he found. I called the number supplied and a man told me Nutramedix approached them, and they keep the markup for the crucial products small, and make more money on the other products that people buy. I think you'd find more information by researching the Cowden protocol, which uses these herbs. Lyme.net has a lot of information about it.

    At least you know what you have, so know which direction to take for research. I had this for more than 30 years, and then found out what was wrong, just when it was getting much worse. I hope you get help and are on the way to recovery soon. :)