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  1. missymiss

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    hello everybody its Missymiss here. I was wondering if there were any other sufferers of a similar age to me, I am 15 and have Post viral fatigue syndrome (basically another term for CFS). I would love to hear from anyone, so I know that I am not alone, and it would be interesting to talk if you are of a similar age to me, as im sure you know, it gets pretty lonely! My condition has got worse overnight, but I'm still smiling and thats the main point. :)
  2. camelgirl

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    Just wanted to say that you definitely are not alone. I'm 25 and live in Florida. I want to offer you support and understanding. I hope 25 isn't too "old" for you, but I understand wanting to relate to people your age.
    Peace and Hugs, Dena
  3. missymiss

    missymiss New Member

    to camelgirl.. thank you for your reply, and no 25 isn't too old! it's interesting to hear from different people, and yes it would be good to hear from a similar age but it's good to know there are lots of other supportive people, such as yourself. may i ask what you have?
  4. Fibro-Gal

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    Hello missymiss. My name is Angela, and I am 18. I know how lonely it gets! I rarely talk to others who are young.
    How long have you had this illness? I have had FM for about 3 years.
    It is very nice to met you!!