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    Just wondering how everyone is coping these days, don't see too many posting, as for me, doing great, cause my daughter is, she has changed her lifestyle around altogather, now she is by far well, but the stress that she has endured for so long is menimal.
    Now my focus is on all these May events for fms, off season I work 3 days a week, northerners come to Fl, I work, when they go north, I play, so works good for me with my caregiving duties, and for the outings with family.
    Love hearing from all, Take care, If you have time with your busy schedule, just pop in and say Hi, K?
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    I posted a story for children on the post about 5yr old carer.
    I wrote this to help a friend explain fibro and CFS to her little girl.
    I would like it passed on to others who might be helped by it. Could you print it out and take it to the conference with you and let others who might be able to use it, do so.
    It does not help many when it is only in my computer.
    If it can be of help in your support groups use it as well.
    Glad to hear things are going so well for you. My parents are some of the snowbirds. They leave in 2 weeks to come home.
    I am into my 8th week of no fibro pain. So I am trying to live a normal life with my fingers crossed. Don't have a lot of energy yet but I am working on it.
    Take care
    mom lynda