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    I've missed you all...why aren't you posting so much. Is it the same reason as myself? I have been having the worst time of it this flu season. I can't believe how many times I've had the cough, and then I got sick with a fever as high as 105. I've fallen down the back door stairs..winter! I've finally been well for a while, I would say knock on wood, but I would rather thank the Lord for helping me through this. My son Austin has also been ill. My husband has been sick once, and it was something different than what my son and I were going through, so of course, I had to get that stomach thing too..at least it was only a 24 hr. thing.
    I see a few familiar faces still here. I think I like this board better..there I go..changing my mind again back and forth, and yes, I'll say it...like a woman can. :p But the people here are friendly. I love you guys! I'm going to go read up on some posts. It looks like there are a couple of you keeping the prayer thread going..how nice of you. I should have come on here asking for prayers, but my family was praying lots.
    My husband has been laid off. After 25 years at a company. Soo close to retirement. He is a stubborn old man..I've told him so..because he wants to find another job. I think he should just retire. I think we could make it, of course not doing as well as before, but we have a roof over our head, food in our pantry, clothes on our backs, a new "miracle" grandbaby, and yes rainbow, we still have our chickens! Had to get that in. They are laying eggs for us all through this winter. So, can't complain can we?
    Love to all, Cynthia
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    You have sure had a rough winter ! A fever of 105 ! I am surprised you weren't in the hospital. I am so glad that you survived the fall down the stairs too. Then the flu and the stomach flu too ! I wil be praying that you feel much better and that your husband can make a decision about his retirement. It must be hard after 25 years.

    In all this , you shine through ! Thanking God for your home , food in your pantry clothes , your new grandbaby and the chickens so faithfully keeping your egg supply going.

    It is so nice to see you here. Many of the people on the board have been going through challenges this winter. I am praying to see more and more of us feel up to giving "updates" and to keep coming back!


    Oh , and I hope your son Austin feels better too.[This Message was Edited on 01/23/2010]
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    Thank you for responding..you are so right..so much going on. It's so sad.
    Good to have a post from you. Yes, praying here too. I've thought of all that I've read today, and have been asking God to help them all through it.
    Love, Cynthia
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    Hi Cynthia and it's good to have you back. I'm so sorry that you have had such a rough time--105 fever (which is very dangerous) and then falling down the stairs too (which is very dangerous) so enough of the dangerous stuff!!!! Then family ill too. But I'm glad you came back here.

    I chuckled out loud when you said "we still have our chickens" and it reminded me of Rainbow and I with "Gone With the Chicks" then we had the soap opera "Cluck General Hospital" I've been out of sorts with my Dad and haven't been able to return to posting about Cluck General Hospital, but I will.

    I get such a wonderful, warm and loving feeling hearing about the chicks, the roosters and all the love both of you have shown them. Rainbow even has the new one "Darling Starling." I'm so glad you're recovered after being sick and back here. Many hugs.
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    hello; good to see you back on the board. Sorry to hear of what a rough time you have
    been having. Actually so many on the boards having similar problems.

    I hope your health will be on the upswing now and good luck to your DH; if he wants to
    work i think its nice if he is able to.

    Yes, chicken stories are uplifting. Its nice to think of them running around going about their
    business while we go through our ups and downs.

    God Bless
  6. Doznclan3

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    I guess I missed out on the General Hospital episodes. Sorry to hear about you and your dad..things happen, but as you well know, can be fixed.
    I'll have to watch for Cluck Hospital? :)
    Spring..funny but true, how those chickens just run around, seem to be enjoying life just as it is, and here we are, going through our ups and downs. And, it does sound like there have been a lot of ups and downs..hurry spring time...come along. I can just see my apple trees in blossom now.
  7. windblade

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    It's great to have you here again! Yes, isn't it surprising how slow the board is. So many people left, but the ones that are left are gems.

    Still miss those that have gone though.

    You surely have gone through so many sicknesses recently. That fever was really scary!

    I love how your faith shines through - seeing the things of importance in your life - and God's faithful love!

    Enjoying seeing your posts here and there :)

    Love, Judy