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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Linn3, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Linn3

    Linn3 New Member

    Came home to a message that my hubby took. My attorney said I have a SSDI hearing scheduled. He didn't say when, so I will be on the phone to him first thing in the morning. The thing is, I am just trembling. After my first claim was denied, I have been waiting 17 months for this hearing, but now that it is actually going to happen, I am terrified. While I was waiting, I had hope. Ya know, if I get SSDI, we'll make it financially. But now...If I get turned down, I lose my hope too. Does this make any sense to anyone??? I don't know what the hearing will be like, how to dress, who I should have with me (besides my lawyer). Any info will be a help. My first claim was turned down so quickly, it just said "with your education and experience, you are able to work" " Your medical files were reviewed by our physicians and they have determined that you are not too ill to work" Is the appeal the same thing?? Gosh, its like having a baby, you wait and you wait, and when the time finally comes, ya want to change your mind LOL Marsha
  2. NyroFan

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    There is one more step after the hearing. You have the option of starting a lawsuit against the decison and SSA.

    It does happen and those are the people who very often get a reversal of the hearing's outcome.

    Do not give up hope.

  3. neeter1

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    it took me 3 yrs to have a hearing...just a few tips...act nervous (that's normal)..dress as you do every day..If a question is asked of you and your mind goes blank..don't worry about it. That happened to me and it was the old Fibro Fog. Describe your daily life as if every day is YOUR WORST. I told the judge that I don't have good days but maybe a good hour every now and then. And, that was the truth. If you get teary-eyed..that's ok..just don't go on a crying jag. My lawyer asked me the questions and at the end the Judge asked me just a couple. I don't know whether this helped me but when the Judge introduced himself he explained his background and he had been a disability lawyer at one time. Good Luck!
  4. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    they beleive they will win......cause they do not get paid unless you win...

    your attorney will brief you on what to do or not to do....

    what to wear dress like you are sick...make sure you og...cry if you feel like...i did... no makeup...

  5. natrlvr2

    natrlvr2 New Member

    It took me 6 yrs.I had 2 hearings(took 3 yrs. each).The first time the judge said I had nothing wrong with me although I had EVERYTHING documented by all the drs. The thing was,I did not just have ONE ailment that totally disabled me(at the time),I had multiple ailments that when combined,disabled me.So I never had ONE dr. say my ONE ailment totally disabled me.Each diagnosis has it's own dr. and none of the drs. worked together.argh!After the first denial(heainrg) I wrote a letter to the judge and told him(in other words) that he was an IDIOT and he never read my medical records on all the diagnosises.Basically in the end,I won my claim for chronic pain.
  6. Cromwell

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    I always advised my clients not to gloss over things. If they were feeling awful most days, say all of the time. If you hurt enough to cry, say I hurt enough to be crying each day. The problem is, people taking the reports often miss the fact that 300 days a year may be hell, they hone in on the 65 you feel a bit better. So leave those out.

    This is not lying at all, it is levelling the playing field on those stupid apple pie order reports.

    Good Luck,

    Anne C
  7. pemaw54

    pemaw54 New Member

    that far yet. Yes, Ive been told not to dress up and no makeup.
    Thats all I have to say about that. I will pray for you and let us know what happens

  8. zerped

    zerped New Member

    ...between 2nd refusal and my actual hearing date.

    My hearing was anything but typical (i.e.--judge yelling at me, trying to hide evidence and testimony, etc.), but relax; you're going to do fine. Not all hearings are like mine. I say "ditto" to all previous posts. You have a lawyer, which is a good sign. Let them prep you; they'll make sure nothing important gets left out.

    The advice I think people need to hear (over and over) is that you are not out to prove you have this disease or that. No one at SSA cares what ailment is bothering you. What they want is a piece of paper from someone with "M.D." at the end of their name, saying, "Jane Doe is not able to work full time because her disease does xxx, xxx, and xxx." I also strongly recommend getting the statement by David Stracher, Surgeon General (search will have it) and see if your lawyer wants to work it into the presentation.

    Other than that, do your daily thing and try to stay positive. Picture all the things that will happen WHEN you win, not IF you win!

  9. Linn3

    Linn3 New Member

    Thank you all for your advice. I just found out the date of the hearing, June 21. Seems a long time away. I will have to give a lot of thought to how I dress, and won't wear any make up, nail polish or jewelry. My attorney tells me that when an applicant is younger than 50, that usually is viewed as a negative, over the age of 55 as a positive, and for those between 50 and 55 it's a neutral factor. My attorney worked for the Social Security Administration before earning his law degree. I am hoping that he knows the ins and outs of this crazy system. Wish me luck. Thanks again, Marsha

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