Help. A part time job plus my full time job.

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    I changed jobs over the years , each time trying to find something that is not as stressful. In 8 years I have gone from 16.00 an hour to my current job which I clear 1000. a month. My current job , while hard for me to handle, is not real stressful which is what I need. So I need to stay there. However I cannot make it on 1000. a month. I have to pay rent and utilities, eat, buy medicine, food, keep my old car running, car insurance, gas, repairs, dental work, etc. I have pared my budget down so far that I will not have internet service, cable, phone service, never get to eat out, no vacation to visit my mother,(makes me cry just to type that) never going to any social activities, etc.(which I can't usually do but one every few months would be nice)
    There is nothing left to cut from my budget so my only option is a part time job. I know some will say I shouldn't do it I will run myself in the ground. I know some people on this board cannot imagine this situation because I read about all their vacations and thigns they buy, but there are some who can understand. I am not doing this so I can buy fancy clothes, I am doing it to survive. It is very stressful to know that if my car breaks down, I have no money to fix it which means I would lose my job and be homeless.
    I am looking for ideas for a part time job that would not be really stressful. I can't stand on my feet all day as a cashier or things like that.
    If anyone has any ideas of what type of job to look for that would not be really hard on my body, I would appreciate your posting them.
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    i'm not sure what the area is where you are or what hours you will have available for the job, but my boyfriend just moved to wyoming and got a job as a night audit/desk clerk at a nearby hotel. his friend has had the same job at the same place and said it's pretty much that you get there, do some paperwork for an hour or so, and then it's just sit back and do whatever. check a few guests in maybe. maybe none at all if it's the night shift. sometimes you can even just lay down or read or nap even. i think in the morning he had to maybe set up the little continental breakfast thing for the guests, but that was it. i don't know, just a thought.
    or how about someplace small like a kiosk or something where you can sit most of the time even when you're helping customers.
    or a call center for a company where you mostly just talk and do minimal typing.
    wish i could think of more ideas for you
    i wish you much strength in whatever you decide to take on ~ tara
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    I just moved home in November to KY from Wyoming. Was there 7 years and mom is still there.
    Finding jobs in WY is hard ! Glad your boyfriend found one.
    Thanks for the post.
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    Because I need some advice :)
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    Princessraye, Hang in there. I really do admire you for your strength. Although, I can't think of anything part time for you right now, some of the suggestions from others sound pretty good. I also worked a full time AND part time job for 10 years, nearly killed me. I know what you mean about expenses, I worked in a real estate office making an okay salary, but now am looking for a part time job in a health food store. I don't have money for extras either, but you sound like a survivor, like all of us are with these DD's, hang in and good luck. HUGS, Chelz.
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    I can understand your situation and fully sympathize with you. I have a few suggestions for ways to make extra money.

    First of all, if you have a certain knowledge about an area people would need advice in there is a website called Keen. (Example CPA: giving tax advise Real Estate: How to get the most out of the sale of your home) It is an advice type thing where you set a per minute rate for giving advice from your home. I have a listing there and in the past made enough money to get cars fixed etc, but right now I don't have the energy to deal with other people's problems. Anyhow, its a thought.

    I am sure the telemarketer idea isnt one you would be thrilled with, but those jobs have the hours you would probably need if you work days.

    If you have weekends off from your first job you could always look into an industry that requires weekend help. Perhaps a hospital job where you could be an admissions clerk part time on weekends. Some doctors/verterinarian offices that operate on Saturdays might be an idea too.

    I will rack my brain for any other ideas and if I come up with any, I will be sure to let you know here or via email if there is a linkt o a specific opportunity.

    Take Care,