Help about swelling ankles

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Fallingstar, Apr 18, 2003.

  1. Fallingstar

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    I have both FMS and CFS but today after I've been up for a few hours, the insides of both my ankles are swollen and a little painful. I really haven't been up on my feet a whole lot today. Anyone know if this is a symptom or something else serious?
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    Bumping hoping someone can help

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    I went to my Dr. today to get a cortisone shot in my left ankle. It starting swelling and hurting really bad several months ago. My right ankle is starting to hurt to but I think it is because I put most of my weight on it because the left one hurts so much. I am sitting here right now in so much pain. It's bad enough to hurt all the time like you have the flu but when your foot hurts so bad and you have to be up on it sometimes it's unbearable. I hope the cortisone shot will help if not I don't know what I will do. I work 8 hours a day with 2 days off.I am on my feet the whole time. I don't know how much longer I can take it. Today I kept telling myself you have to go to work but I broke down and was crying so hard that my husband told me Alberta you are going to the Dr. If this shot doesn't help I will have to quit working I have no choice. I have had so many cortisone shots in the last 8 years I cannot even begin to tell you how many. They do usually help for a little while but it usually doesn't last and I know they are really not good for you but sometimes I have no choice. My Dr. also had taken X-Rays of my ankle a few weeks ago and sent them off to a radiologist to see if I may have a fracture but no fracture. He also did another blood test to check for RA, Lupus, ETC... but it was ok . I have had so many of those blood test but they always come back ok. Now he wants me to have a bone scan of my left ankle. I have FM, Osteoarthritis in almost every joint, Mitral Valve Prolapse, and a fused disc in my lower back. I think I hace CF to because I am always so tired all the time I really don't know how I keep going. If you ever need to vent feel free to E-Mail me. I needed to vent tonight and when I saw your post about your ankles it just hit home for me. My E-Mail address is

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    I added your name to my contacts, thank you!
    I have been tested for many things but not for about a year. Sometimes I worry there's something else wrong and they just haven't found it yet. I feel like I'm very old and can hardly walk at times. It's hard for people to understand how bad it can really be, I know. Let me know if the Dr. finds out anything for you and I'll do the same for you.
    Thanks again,
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    Two days later and they're still swollen! I'll let you know if the dr. finds out what's wrong. If it continues, I'll go see a dr. because it's starting to worry me. Thank you for offering to let me know about you too!