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    Hello ) so I have an appointment coming up with a psychiatrist. I am 20 years old, and I think I have ADHD. I have never kept a job, never got done with what I started, impulsive, trouble concentration, temper, and etc. However, my parents dont know im going to a psychiatrist....bc they dont approve of it. My brother was mentioned in school as well that he needed to be put on medication but my parents refused.
    My thing is that im scared to pay all this money for the frist appointment, and I wouldn't get what I came for(medication).
    Does anyone have any clue what does psychiatrist do with a 20 year old girl, who is going to see a psychiatrist without the will of her parents, and if they would prescribe medication on the first visit?
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    First of all, at 20 you are considered an adult, and don't need your parents permission, or consent to see a dr.

    It's very possible that after talking with you, and obtaining the information he/she needs, if the psychiatrist feels that you have ADHD, then he/she may put you on medication.
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    I tried to answer you yesterday, but my internet connection keeps going out.

    A psychiatrist will try to diagnose whether you have ADHD or other ailments which may have some traits like ADHD. The doctor may even send you for neuropsyche testing, which isn't anything hard or scary and I did it when I fell and hit my head hard and had some cognitive functioning problems that lasted for a while.

    Treatment may possibly include medication, but may not and instead include many other methods of treatment. So be open to what your psychiatrist is recommending for you.

    As to your parents, at the age of 20, you normally would be free to do as you please medically. One exception would be if a court has granted them legal guardianship of you, or if you have signed paperwork to give them legal guardianship over you for whatever reason. Then they would have a final say over your medical care. You would be the person to know if anything has transpired legally.

    The second exception would be if you are using your parents' medical insurance for any part of your mental health treatment and that medical insurance has specific guidelines for the use of their mental health program. The insurance carrier can place restrictions that you see a doctor within their network, or that in some cases you obtain a "referral" first from a primary care doctor. This all depends on whether you use your parents' medical insurance for any part of your mental health treatment.

    Take to the psychiatrist a list of things you are having problems doing and want to change. This will help the psychiatrist to see what is happening with you. Also take a list of questions.

    Please don't go to the appointment seeking ADHD meds. It is not unheard of for patients without ADHD to seek out and use ADHD meds for themself or sell them. Doctors are aware of this and it could ruin the tone of your appointment if you walk in and constantly state you want ADHD meds.

    Instead, go to the appointment knowing that the psychiatrist must diagnose you to determine what is happening with you and in your life (in the past and in the present), and then he/she will probably do some testing of their own, and then try to determine the best option for treatment for you depending on what the diagnoses are.

    Good luck and finding out what is happening with you can be the start of a whole new life for you. It may involve hard work on repeat tasks you MUST do, and even cognitive behavioral therapy, but it will be worth it in the end if you can resolve the problems you are having. Many hugs.