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  1. shipsing

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    Hello, I have CFS and my adrenal's have been just pouring for 6 week's now and I can't get them to shut off, I'm about at the end of my rope.

    There was some discusion about overactive adrenal's on this board and that you need to suport them and not stimulate them.

    Are there any suggestion's on how to shut them off and also what supplement would support them but not stimulate?

    I'm desperate, this is so exhausting
  2. CelticLadee

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    Hello Shipsing,
    I am reading at Dr. Bruce Rind's website and this is what he has to say about helping our adrenals. Hope it helps you. If you visit his site he has lots more to say on the subject.

    Adrenal Repair Basics
    "In general, things that cause stress hurt the adrenals. The opposite of these helps the adrenals. Avoid the stressors and seek out those things that help. Eat more proteins, especially amino acids. Limit carbohydrates, especially sugars. Avoid stimulants and physiologically stressful substances such as caffeine, diet pills, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. If you have allergies, avoid the allergens – common allergens are wheat and dairy. Although this may sound surprising, we actually tend to crave foods to which we are allergic.

    Mold is a common serious stress but difficult to avoid. Reduce as much stress as possible. Even ‘good stress’, such as celebration, can sometimes be excessive for the adrenals. Look for opportunities to experience security, joy and optimism. Learn to avoid negative emotions such as fear (e.g. horror movies), anger, etc. Increase rest – get as much sleep as possible and make the timing as regular as possible. Pushing too hard, excessive work or exercise, and any sleep deprivation stresses the adrenals."

    I myself have adrenal insuffiency and am taking DHEA/Pregnenolone drops when I get up and before bed. This has really calmed my adrenals down a lot so they no longer hurt and ache.

    Hope this info. helps ya out. I know it is NO FUN feeling so exhausted you feel like you could run down into a puddle.

    My best to you,

  3. shipsing

    shipsing New Member

    Thank you for your response!!
    Can you tell me where you get the medication that you are taking for this? also what dosing protical?

    I will check out his site now, again thank you
  4. klutzo

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    The website of Dr. Gerald Poesnecker is totally devoted to the adrenal problem...go check it out. There are hours of interesting reading and concrete suggestions there. Especially good are the articles in the Archives, in the bottom left hand corner of his home page.

    DHEA and pregnenolone are available at health food stores. You should not take them without having baseline tests done to see if you need them and how much you need. A holistic doc is usually needed to do this, since regular docs know nothing about this, and don't believe in adrenal fatigue anyway.
    The dosage is determined by your test results on blood tests or an Adrenal Stress Index (ASI) which is an all day saliva test. A holistic doc can give you a test kit for the ASI, or you can order one from Dr. Poesnecker.

  5. shipsing

    shipsing New Member


    Thank you for the info, I will go check it out.

  6. AnnetteP

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    and as has been suggested should be tested before supplementing. My DHEA is normal, but my cortisol is high (often when one is high the other is low, but as you can see in my case its not). I take Drenamin and have had a world of relief.

    Good luck
  7. shipsing

    shipsing New Member

    thank you for your info, I'll look into testing before taking anything.
  8. JaciBart

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    yohimbe herb, it is for male sexual performance, slows down the production of adrenaline, also black licorice extract, be sure to check the dosage of both tho and start slow, bumping as you go, these are available at any health food store.

    good luck & let us know how it goes.

  9. shipsing

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    Thank you for the info. I think I need to do an ASI test to see what stage I'm in, as I suspect it's a 5 or 6.
    I'm trying now to see how that happen's without having to take Dr. Poesnecker's treatment's. I just want the test and the result's.