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    HI Again, Well yesterday I saw the new doctor/specialtist. I heard many great things about this dr. amd he is wonderful regarding FMS.. I really liked him but there were two things that didnt make me so happy. One I waited two hours to get in to finally see him.. Then when I saw him I liked everything about him except, I DO NOT BELIEVE HE BELIEVES IN PAIN MEDICATION..He gave me a script for Elavil. I have already taken in the past things like Ambien, and Xanax and they didnt work as far as getting a good nights sleep sp why this I do not get it.. He said if this does not make me sleep through and I still have pain in a week, we will try a muscle relaxer.. He also wants to due cortisone injections.. I called him just before to tell him that there was no difference and he said to wait and I said what about the pain and he said take up to 12 advil?? Sooooooo with all that said ladies, do you agree that he is not going to budge on pain management with pain meds? I didnt want to go that route but I cannot live like this anymore. I cannot find a doctor that will prescribe. I really thought with him being a specialtost and being diagnosed that there would be NO problem. So now what do I do Suffer? I live in New Jersey~~What can I do? Any thoughts/opinions appreciated. Thhanks Kriss you can also e mail me direct at aol. :0)
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    I'm sorta new to this board, but not new to what you just said. Typical. The exact same thing happened to me. I was forced to suffer for weeks, even months, before a said,'Dr., experienced with FM' finally gave me Tylenol 3 to try. Only thing is, it's mild in Tylenol, only 300mg, but the codiene does something to pain relief too. I ended up taking 2 Tylenol#3's to get relief and got a muscle relaxant called Soma along with it. But you have to find out now, if this doc will ever go that route. I don't think you should have to proove to him that mild pain relievers don't do enough. This wait and see attitude annoys me. If you know right now what didn't work well, he should listen to you. Don't be afraid to ask him about something stronger. I changed docs after my relationship with 'Dr. Wait and See' and went to someone who cares and tells me directly what he can do and what is not good for you. Pain specialists are more in tune to us, but I didn't like having to see them every two weeks. I was prescribed Trazodone for sleep. Works great. I don't mean to tell you what to do, but I thought I'd give you my experience so you don't have to go thru it. You need relief, sleep, and confidence in your treatment plan. Only then can you fight against discomfort and be able to do things. I'll step off my soap box now. Good luck.
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    Yes, Elavil has been helpful with pain relieve too. So give it a try. I was given this for nerve pain. I asked my pharmacist about it. He said yes, his wife was taking it for chronic pain in her back and was having good results. I slept so good the first night, all night long. It was wonderful. The second night I was wake over 25 times (I kept a list) and was seeing Dick Tracy in my kitchen when I did doze. By morning I was crying and laughing all in the same minute. Somehow drove myself to the hospital, I'm sure other cars just got out of my way when they saw me coming. When I got there I realized I was half dressed in street clothes and the other half was my PJs and slippers. I did not take it again. On the other hand, a friend takes this for pain and sleep and swears by it as a miracle drug. It does take awhile to find out if it works. Try taking it at different times to see what works best for you. I finally have gone to a nutritionalist and have had better luck with supplements, drugs make me stranger than usual.
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    just another 2 cents worth. i have used trazodone for years and it has been a godsend for sleep for me. if you haven't already tried it, it is an antidepressant, not a narcotic. i do supplement it with valium, xanax, tylenol - whatever i'm most in need of, from time to time. i agree that it may be helpful to be direct with him about how far he is willing to go with pain meds, if at all, and that maybe trying the elavil would be worth it, too. stay in touch and let us know what you decide to do and what does/doesn't work. and, good luck!!!
    hang in there.