Help-allergies soo bad!

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    Hi all,
    I have Cfs,Fibro,Crohns disease,asthma & multiple allergies.
    My allergies are really nasty at the minute & my asthma nurse put me on anti histamines about6 weeks ago.
    I had to go back to see her because my symptoms got so bad.My nose runs so much i cant go anywhere without a box of tissues.
    My eyes stream so bad i look like im crying all the time.
    She said some people are ok with just anti-allergy pills but i needed to rty nasal drops aswell as eye drops now.
    Is there anyone else out there with the same problem as me?
    Very gentle hugs
    sharon d (uk)
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    I was wondering if you are allergic to all the pollens and molds and fungus. I just posted a message pertaining to people with mold and fungus allergies who may have a yeast problem. I have enjoyed great success with Diflucan. Have you tried allergy shots? I took them a number of years ago and no longer have problems with the pollens except for elm. They now do a rapid treatment to start you off on them. You stay at the Dr.s office and they give you an injection every so many minutes. If you don't have a reaction to them they can get you up to a level that will help you with the allergies. Then you continue the shots at weekly intervals. It would take someone weeks to get to this level if they only took shots once a week. Because you have asthma you may be at a higher risk of having a reaction which is why it is good to be at the Dr.s office. I hope this helps in some small way. Linda
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    I have allergies and use rhinocort nasal spray, rx
    from my allergist. Was on Claritin D but I noticed it
    gave me weird heart jumps when I woke up.
    I stopped it. I am now using benadryl but may ask
    for clarinex.

    My allergist, who is also my FMS dr, said he didn't
    want to give me allergy injections because of the
    FMS and not knowing how it would effect me.
    Probably right.
    However, allergies are awful.
    Someone on another board mentioned something
    that helped them with runny nose. I think it
    was Zicam and is sold here.

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    Like Nink, I could not tolerate allergy shots, although, I tried for a few months and it ended up making me infinitely worse overall...Tried all the antihistamines, which never worked very well for me..

    OLE (Olive Leaf Extract) has been the miracle for me in the allergy arena, requiring very little investment and no docs or needles....Had to stay in filtered air during the spring/summer/fall seasons or would get migraines triggered by histamines and the clogged sinuses..prior to this year..

    I will bump up an article for you on the subject...
    and discussions by people who have been on OLE...if interested, let me know...

    Hope you find your solution,
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    Sharon, for many years I had problems like yours. I thought I was allergic to everything -- environmental and food. It was so bad I thought I would die everyday. I couldn't breath, eat, leave the house because of IBS and I had to crawl to the bathroom. If I can overcome these problems, you can too.

    All it takes is a little understanding of what the real problem is then you can began to manage it. You have a nasal/sinus problem and its more than allergies. They know now that asthma can be caused by a chronic bacterial infection from the sinus and that this infection causes a histamine reaction just like allergies. Allergies are usually seasonal so if you have constant runney nose it probably isn't allergies.

    There's a better cheaper alternative than using allergy medication. Get some saline nasal spray (find one you like) and use it at least 3 times a day. Give it time to work, at least two months, as you wean yourself off other medication. This will dry up and wash out your nose. Your asthma will decrease if you don't have post nasal drip. Sometimes the simplest things are best.

    Hugs and take care.