Help !!!!! Allergy to insect bites

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by RENA0808, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. RENA0808

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    I have real bad problems with getting bites from any kind of mite/insect etc !!

    As soon as I am bitten I know about it !!!
    The bite area swells up right away to about 2 inches in diameter and ALWAYS gets infected !

    The adenaline rush makes me soooo agitated and highly strung....... I feel like killing someone !

    I have to take allergy tablets and use hydo-cortisone cream because of the infection and the bites can take quite a long time to heal.They are ssooo painful.

    Any ideas to help me avoid this??



  2. outofstep

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    Especially B1 are supposed to keep them away. Also garlic.

    There are also a lot of products available now that are non-toxic and use things like citronella or lemongrass oil to repel them.

    Have been looking forward to summer so much had forgotten re: bugs :(
  3. Bunchy

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    Been thinking about you with the dreaded summer coming!

    I have a (scent free) insect repellent that's pretty effective - it's called "Myx repellent" by Ultrasun.

    I used it in Mauritius two years ago and only got bitten a couple of times (it's mosquito heaven out there). I couldn't use Deet containing stuff becuase of my Multiple Chemical Sensitivity but this was fine and did the job well.

    It's got a roll-on action and you can roll it around your neck, wrists, ankles etc.

    You can buy it from all sorts of online chemists eg

    Hope this helps - give it a try.

    Love Bunchy x
  4. RENA0808

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    I have suffered the bite problems for years now but I think it is getting worse.The rush of adrenaline when I get bitten makes me want to scream.

    The itch and pain from the bites consumes my soul !!!Dramatic I know but is hard for others to understand what the infected bites do to me.
    wearing clothes or getting a knock can make my almost cry so I have to be careful and wrap myself in cotton wool !lol.

    I take Bvits all the time for hair loss.I think it helps because I am not shedding so much now.

    I will look out for that MYX repellent.
    Thanks a bunch..Bunch lol.

  5. hi all,

    rena im just reminded of something i did last year.

    i was getting bitten with things outdoors,and with spiders and ants indoors.i had noticed that the leg , that was bitten,had a very hard muscle,after the bite, and i was having problems walking with it for three fingers would go stiff if they were bitten too.

    this is like one of those new things that starts happening to you as your illness progresses over the years.

    anyway i remember that id started eating pumpkin seeds a while after the above mentioned,and i was then able to go outdoors and do some gardening.also id been bitten with something while bike riding from work.

    this thing left a stinger in my face,like a splinter.but i didnt become bedbound or have a migraine after the bite.

    i just put some sudocrem on the wound,and i had no external infection.sudocrem is a aniseptic cream.

    the face muscle did go hard but didnt i put that down to pumpkin seeds in my case.but back then i was eating i think a teaspoon full of them,tipped into my museli.

    im now eating mixed seeds such as sesame,flak, and others,plus a few pumpkin seeds,that i buy already mixed up,from the fresh fruit and vegetable store.

    i eat mixed nuts too,to give me fibre and energy.

    i do still take one loratadine 10 mg allergy tablet at bedtime, as i seem to be having problems with mold at home,in small amounts now,but none the less it isnt welcome in my house.also my dogs coat seems to aggrivate my nasal passages.

    im just grateful that im no longer a meal for all the bugs outdoors.

    take care,love fran
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