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    hi! i have a dr's appointment tomorrow morning and i have a few questions, if anyone out there can help me. i live in texas. i am currently and have been taking cymbalta & norco 10's for over 3 years.....and i sometimes have pain that the norco does not touch. i was curious if anyone is taking norco and is taking anything else for break-thru pain. i wanted to ask my dr for something else on the days that are worse...i also am curious if anyone knows how much norco is allowed per month. or how much you are able to get a month or take per day. any help would be greatly appreciated.
    thank you all!
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    of hydrocodone and Tylenol. Just from my own experience, more is not always best. I have liver disease, which was brought about by taking too MUCH pain reliever. My happy little doctor had me on SIX 10/650 Oxycodone a day, plus Cymbalta, Lyrica, Vioxx (no longer available) and Avandia. After 5 years, I had drug-induced hepatitis, cirrhosis, and had gained 78 pounds. Tylenol is about the worst thing you can take. I got off everything but the Lyrica, and then I only take 75mg a day. The rest is natural supplements.

    I take a Turmeric/Ginger supplement, Magnesium, Brown seaweed extract, Grape Seed extract, 10,000 units of Vitamin D, and three Source Natural Fibro Response. I'm working on the weight. I feel so much better now. Though it was REALLY hard to shake and I went through withdrawal that was a nightmare, I can HONESTLY say I would NOT take an opioid painkiller again. EVER! If you can slowly withdraw and switch to natural products, I can guarantee you will be doing your body and health a HUGE favor.

    Soft hugs,

    I can take another
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    I have had great success with essentially calms the nervous system and thus the pain signals are dampened. it's a chemical medication that has been created to mimic the structure of the brain's own nuerotransmitter, GABA. So it is considered a relatively safe and SE-free drug. It did wonders for my pain levels at a very low dose. Everyone is different but you might want to discuss it with your doc and get his opinion. Good luck!