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    well folks, i wrote about getting my favorable decision, aug 9th, and then i told you folks about my weird letter from ss telling me i owed them 28000 dollars, well i thought i had most of it under control, my bad, i didnt have anything under control, and to top it all off, when i
    first applied i had a different bank account, so guess what my back pay and my daughters back pay were sent to the wrong bank after i had called them 4 times count it 4 times to give them the new account number... go figure... well anyway i did get the thing strightend out with the 28000 plus they said i owed them...... it was for ssi which i had never drawed, they said i owed them that for all they had been paying me for these four years i have been trying to get my ssd, anyway they claim they will be re-sending the backpay for myself and my daughter on the 3rd i guess we will wait and see.......i had read where another poster had said the same thing happened to her so i thought i would get ahead of the game and let them know i had a different account, didnt do a bit of good, good luck to those who are waiting...cindylou
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