Help Another Relpase..Though I Beat It, No Luck

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sharon5650, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. sharon5650

    sharon5650 New Member

    Gezzz...everytime I am in a remission,I somehow think to myself just maybe I beat this dam disease. However, hear I am again, sick once more, been in bed all week. What a mysterious disease this is eh? cannot really explain it at times. For me it is like this anyways. I can feel on top of the world, just doing anything I want, like a energetic bunny, laughing and shopping, cleaning, cooking, everthing you could think of. Then out of the blue, bang!!! I am flat out on my you know what !!! I have been so sick, malaise feeling, so so nauseated, pain everywhere, and so exhausted this time. It is now 4pm in Montreal, and I just woke up, just awful. I am starting however to feel somewhat better, but scared to push myself. I feel so alone and down, looking at such a nice day. My whole life revolves around this now, forget planning anything, thats long gone eh? I know you guys understand me, and thank-god I can vent here, without being judged. I also feel somewhat confused and unable to think properaly ...must be the fibro-fog as they say. Has anyone heard of the extra virgin coconut oil/ and extra virgin apple cider vinager with mother....I read it and someone told me to try this too...let me know pls.. I have tried everything, so one more won't hurt.
    I feel like such a dam burden, and so misunderstood by people, even by my family, how lonely it is...
  2. insanelady

    insanelady New Member


    If you mean you have Fibro well I have learned that when you feel good don't push your self to hard cause it can cause a relapse. I have been going through one myself.. It can be an never ending story. Do you take anything at all or have other medical problems also that Fibro can cause. You should see your doc. I have not heard of extra virgin coconut oil etc. Sorry I could not be of much help..


  3. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    and I use the extra virgin coconut oil for cooking. I love it!

    I'm not sure yet if it's helping as I'm going through a major flare right now...I overextended myself. No matter, it's still healthy for you.

    I know that health food stores sell the apple cider vinegar and that it's also healthy for you, but that's all I know about it. Sorry.

    I know what you mean when you say you're misunderstood. I feel that way alot. I think we all "all" I mean us sick folk. That is why I'm doing what I can for Awareness Day.

    I also feel like a burden. Hubby comes home after a long day at work and promptly does the dishes for me. I couldn't do them because of the flare. He also helps with the laundry alot. With the FM, I can't bend over too many times. He never says anything mean about it. He's a wonderful husband. But I still feel guilty for making him do "my" work too.

    I'm in Maryland, and I got up around 4pm also. I had a migraine this morning...part and parcel of the flare, I guess. So I'm with you on that too.

    You are not alone! And I hope you feel better soon.

    God Bless.
  4. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    How long does a relapse last for usually? How long are your remissions? How long have you been having the DD? Please try not to push yourself, even when you are feeling better. We all have to be extra gentle with ourselves and not do too much.

    I hope you keep on feeling better!
    ((( ))) Shannon
  5. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    You are certainly right on how this can be a lonely life beyond the message board here. People just sometimes do not understand. I hope you pull out of your flare soon and feel better. Pretty soon you'll be cooking up a storm again.

    Sorry about the coconut oil route: I do not know a thing about it.

    You feel better soon.

  6. cathugs

    cathugs New Member

    One of the posters mentioned taking it easy

    on the days you feel good.

    My Rheumy also reccomended this.
    He told me that if I was having a bad day
    to push my self to do little things,
    and he said if I was having a good day
    to just lie around and enjoy it. He said
    if I didn't I would over do my self
    trying to get things done.

    I find this really hard to follow because
    I very seldom have a good day and
    I tend to take advantage of it.

    Then I really pay for it later.
    Some times I feel like I stay relapsed.

    I thought I was in the worst pain possible by the time I was dxed about 9 yrs. ago, but my pain then
    was just " a drop in the bucket" compared to the
    agony I deal with every day now.

    I can't remember a day now when I was not

    How many of you feel this way? And do you over
    do things on a good day?

    "cathugs" Ruth

  7. kriket

    kriket New Member

    I was off the weekend of easter and only had to do 2 hrs. of massage last week, then this weekend I had to do 6 hrs. I had been feeling really good w/ no pain for about 4-5 days. After doing all that yesterday, I am now hurting and very frustrated. I could not hardly move my fingers and hands last night after I got home.


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