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    I am in the beginning of my journey of hypothyroid and low cortisol levels. I try to research but it is so overwhelming. I will try to keep this short but I need HELP. My life is being destroyed. In March of 2009, I was dx as hypothyroid after years of feeling like something was wrong. My doc started me on naturethroid and I felt a bit jittery but still tired so after testing she added synthroid. After a few months, I felt even worse. Very irritable, couldnt concentrate, felt a sense of dread, tired and wound up all at the same time. I would lay down and nap just to escape. After months of that and telling her that something was still off, I finally stopped taking the meds. The first few months after stopping the medication I was tired but not so irritable, anxious or having that dread feeling. But, I had a family problem that caused stress in my life and I started to feel very anxious .. that turned into exhaustion and irritability.

    I then broke out in a rash so I was given a steriod shot and felt better all over .. not wonderful, but better. I asked to have my cortisol rechecked but had to wait for the shot to get out of my system. Finally 2 weeks ago, my test results came back and they were low. I was excited to think maybe I would start feeling better if my cortisol was treated.

    So yesterday I stared my compounded Hydrocortisone SR 5mg. I take it mid morning, afternoon and evening. This morning I want to jump out of my skin. I am jittery, anxious, feeling a sense of dread and thinking life is too difficult.

    So I am wondering if I need to adjust to this medication? Does that feeling go away? Also, we are waiting on my blood work to start treating my hypothyroid again. Is the problem because we are treating only my adrenals and my thyroid is out? I should be getting my thyroid meds tomorrow but now I am scared to take anything.

    Any help is appreciated .. I am having a horrible morning and scared to pick up my little girls because I am so weird feeling.
  2. elliespad

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    Thyroid hormones need adequate cortisol in order to get into the cells. I have had 2 thyroid surgeries and am now thyroidless, since Nov. 07. I belong to a GREAT group on Yahoo called Thyroidless. Should be able to do a search. You don't have to be thyroidless to join. They will guide you on how to address Adrenals and Thyroid. I used SR in the past and it did pretty much nothing. Most everyone on that site does not like/use SR form. If you DID use, SR, you would need 20 mg, not 5 mg. When using regular immediate release Hydrocortisone, you generally use 5 mg. 4 times a day. Made a HUGE difference for me. Also, when I started Iodoral (Iodine and Iodide), I had problems using one or two tablets. Was hard to trust that taking 4 would make me feel better, but it did.

    Another GREAT group is StopTheThyroidMaddness. Either one of those groups will get you straightened out. Good luck.
  3. shellydp

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    I use but found that they weren't addressing primarily Adrenal questions so I was looking for information elsewhere. I will look at the other site.

    Are you using cortef? I am not even treating my thyroid at this point. I stopped all those medications months ago because I felt horrible on them. I also understood that if you treat just the thyroid but have adrenal problems that it could make them worse. I believe that is what happened to me. My original cortisol levels were low/normal and my doc treated my thyroid only. When they retested my cortisol 8 months later, they were bottomed out. Should I be treating both of them at the same time?

    I greatly appreciate any input. My mind is so boggled and fuzzy right now that I cant determine what I should be doing!
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    Three thoughts/suggestions:

    1. I would not take the evening dose of hydrocortisone. I don't take any of my hydrocortisone after 12:00 noon, because high cortisol levels in the evening can interfere with restorative, deep sleep at night.

    2. Take the Adrenal Stress End product developed by Dr. Teitelbaum at . It works extremely well together with SR hydrocortisone to help the adrenals heal. Take one in the morning or one in the morning and one at noon.

    3. If anxiety is an issue, a mild sedative that works for me is L-Theanine: .

    Let me know if you try any of these products and how they worked for you.
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  5. shellydp

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    some adrenal support supplements as well when I was taking the armour/naturethroid but I always seem to get the same "side effects". The adrenal support supps, armour, synthroid and now the HC all seem to cause an inner jitteriness and disconnected feeling along with a sense of doom. I have tried all seperate and each time get the same result. I am beginning to wonder if I will ever be able to treat my symptoms without the horrible side effects .. both are equally disturbing! I will look at GABA, Inositol and L-Theanine.

  6. shellydp

    shellydp New Member

    I spoke with my pharmcist who said to skip the evening dose. My Dr. however, wants to lower the dose to 2.5mg. I never seem to have a problem sleeping. Even when I was really upset this morning, I could have laid down for a nap.

    I will look into the Adrenal Stress End but, as I stated in my last post, I have tried adrenal supports and get the same result.

    I have not tried the L-Theanine, but Jam also recommended that so I think I will try it!
  7. elliespad

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    This is a BRIEF Cut & Paste directly from the Armour Thyroid Insert on their website:

    Thyroid hormone preparations are generally contraindicated in
    patients with diagnosed but as yet uncorrected adrenal cortical

    Just curious, what dose of Armour were you taking? Do you have your thyroid still? I was on 6 grains, but lowered my dose to 5 grains about 6-8 weeks ago. Will be testing levels this week.
    Have you had thyroid antibodies tested?

    The people on Yahoos Thyroidless site will take you by the hand and guide you. I wish you well.
  8. shellydp

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    adrenals to nose dive. Now it is just getting it fixed. How long to I TRY to treat my adrenals before starting the thyroid treatment?

    I do still have my thyroid. When I was treating it, I used Westhroid/Naturthroid 1 grain. Eventually a small dose of synthroid was added. But, alas .. I started getting wiggy with it! That is when I started questioning my cortisol levels. From everything I read at, that was to small of a dose of westhroid but I have to wonder what would have happened if I took more.

    I only took my 10am HC yesterday because I was so bad. I was crying and completely non functioning. I still feel very anxious and snappy this morning. Yeah for my family! My doc wants me to try 2.5mg of the HC SR for 3x a day. I am scared. How long does HC stay in your system?

  9. shellydp

    shellydp New Member

    I still trying to figure this all out. I went from no medication or supplements to taking omega 3, D3, multivit, iodine, iron, b12, magnesium, C, progesterone, estrogen, dhea, testosterone, westhroid, synthroid, now HC ...

    It seems like every post I read says something else is necessary. Before to long, I wont need food!
  10. MrHappyGoLucky12

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    Make sure you get your L-Theanine from because they have the only clinically proven form of L-Theanine from Suntheanine, a patented form of L-Theanine.

    Take 1 UltraCap two or three times daily. If additional support is desired, increase to two UltraCaps three times daily.
  11. gapsych

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    It sounds like you need to see an endocrinologist. The endocrine system is very complicated and if one thing is out of whack it can mean other things are also out of whack. It you are adjusting your meds. on your own, you are playing with fire.

    Unfortunately Stop the Thyroid Madness, the book and the website are full of medical misinformation.

    I am someone who has had endocrine issues and almost had what is called a "thyroid storm" which is life threatening.

    You need to see someone who has spent many years studying the endocrine system.

    What kind of doctor are you seeing?

    You sound miserable. Hope better times are ahead for you.

    Good luck.


    ETA Just had a thought. It might not even be your adrenals or thyroid that is causing the anxiety. This is why it is so important to get these things checked out.[This Message was Edited on 04/02/2010]
  12. shellydp

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    to believe I need another Dr. Unfortunately, finding another Dr. is complicated. I already drive 2.5 hours to see the one I am seeing. And would have to do an internet search to find another and just hope he or she is good. Scary!

    I have considered that the anxiety might be just that and not because of the thyroid/adrenals. I have suffered with depression and very mild anxiety throughout my life. The anxiety had been minimal until a month ago. It had gotten a little worse but after the HC it was really out of control.

    The funny thing is, I went to my local urgent care for a sinus infection yesterday. The PA in there used to work for an endo. I had taken my labs with me because I knew that. He looked at my labs and said he never would have treated my thyroid or my adrenals and wanted to run a number of other tests to see if something else was causing the symptoms that I originally had and still have .. along with the anxiety.

    My frustration levels are very high. I have no idea where to turn or who to see. That is the reason I post on several sites. I know the forums are full of patients, not doctors so I just use them as a reference for my symptoms.
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    Hi, I was dx. with adrenal fatigue and hashimotos disease. The latter can cause sighns of low thyroid. I was told to treat the adrenals first then the thyroid. The reason being if the adrenals are not functioning properly the thyroid meds. won't work. I had a very bad reaction to the cortisol that I was given. Mind you it was the loest does available. My reaction was very angry, thoughts of sucide and aggressive behavior. My doc said to stop for a week and try again. I thought he was nuts for suggesting that! Well like a dope i did and felt the same way and this time I will never try that again. I may try adrenal support supplements. They may take take longer to work but I can not risk the side effects from cortisol again. My doc did blood work and found that my seratonin levels were high and a person with high seratonin levels should NOT be on cortisol or a certains class of antidepressents. Any way I am on throid med,only 5mcg. I feel ok on it but not life changing. I need to adress the adrenals fist then we will see. I hope this helps and I hope you feel better. Listen to your body , and to your self. I has since left my doc and in the middle of starting with a new one. There are people out there with allergies and sensitivities to things. I am allergic to alot of things and thats why my body reactes the way it does. I also have cfs. feel well, sandy
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