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    Hello everyone I'm somewhat new here. Been reading a lot of good support on here. God Bless for all your struggles and enlightenment.

    Was bed ridden for 2 yrs. My doctor had me do osteopathic therapy for 1 1/2 yr. and different medications. Went through the phsycological thing to the point I almost thought it was all in my head. I brought up FMS and my doctor said he dosen't believe in it. Anyway I went to the library and got 3 big books on FMS and MFS. My jaw dropped I had everything in the books. He diagnosed it as muscleskeletal chronic pain. I took the books in to the dr. office and told him. A couple of visits later he recommended I go to a pain management clinic. I did.

    My second visit to the pain clinic and she diagnosed me with FMS,MFS, CFS, bursitis, and neck strain. What a blow.

    She started me with a physical therapist. I started stretches and walking in a warm pool 3 times a week.
    I seen my dr. yesterday and told her that I had 25% improvement in my upper buttocks. So she examined my shoulder blades and neck. When she pressed on different areas she asked if it hurt and I said no. I told her that it is deep in my muscles. It's almost like my muscle by the surface doesent have much feeling. Now I feel like she doesn't believe me or that I am lying about my pain.
    Now she wants me to go to pt 2 times week, plus pool, and pt exercises at home. I'm drained just thinking about it all. I feel like I have to persavere and do it all. She also scheduled me with a different dr. in the same clinic? I think for cortizone shot. Anyway I haven't worked in 3 yrs. and running up bill after bill.(no insurance) I applied for disability and I go before the judge in june for my appeal. I am still in a lot of pain but not bed ridden so I guess that is an improvement, but still not even close to a normal life. Now I just had her examine me for carpel tunnel syndrome for my wrists and hand have been numb for a bout a month. She said we'll keep an eye on it. I feel like she thinks I'm lying and now I'm really stressed. Any suggestions appreciated. Peace and good health to all.
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    I think we rely on a good relationship with our DR. You may need to switch DRs which is what I am going to do. Good luck with the hearing in June.
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    How frustrated you must be. I know how it feels to have people not believe you espicaly your doctor.

    Hears what happen to me. I had never heard of Fibromyalgia till my doctor diagnosied me with it over 10 years ago.she gave me info about it but heres the thing. She then acted like it was not a big deal. prescribed me atidepressants and naproxen.

    sometimes the pain was so bad I sked her about going on disability she would always say no lets just try this or that. I often got the feeling that she didn't belive in the very illness she told me I had.

    she fought me for years about getting disability then finaly grudgingly filled out the paper work for temporary disability. All the while I felt like she really did not belive in this illness. finaly hse said I think you have ploymyalgia rheumatica because that my sed rate was high and put me on prednisone and said I would start feeling better in no time.

    But no I did not and she said I was not respinding to the prednisone like I should that my sed rate had gond down almost to normal but then shot back up again so he sent me to a rheumatologist who told me I don't have that.

    said I didn't have RA and that I just (JUST)have fibro he saw me for a while and then said he could do nothing else for me and could not see me anymore unless I was refered back to him. That my inflamitory markers were not that high.

    What ever that means HELLO THEY ARE HIGH ENOUHG TO MAKE ME FEEL LIKE CRUDE. sorry I did not mena to ramble on but I do know how you feel I am on my forth doctor now and she is not looking to promising. Oh well.

    I really hope you strat feeling better soon. Hang in there you are not alone.


    oh and not one of my doctors have referred me to a pain mangement specialist. Not one.
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